Thursday, October 16, 2008

UK:Muslim Postal Workers Demand 3 Extra Breaks a day

The list of demands by Muslims goes on and on and on. This time Muslims in the United Kingdom have demanded that the Royal Mail postal service give them three extra breaks a day, to accommodate their Islamic prayer schedule. The Muslims who speak no English at all, quickly dropped their case after being told by their legal representative that they had no shot at winning the case. What will their next demand be, how about not having to deliver the mail to the houses of kafirs, because the Muslim workers are offended by them?

Thanks to Joan of Ark of the UK.

Thursday October 16,2008
By Dan Parkinson

TWO Islamic postal workers launched legal action against Royal Mail after being refused extra breaks to pray up to five times a shift.

The devout Muslims were told they were not entitled to more rest periods than non-Muslim colleagues.

Abdinour Omer and Guled Bashir, who insisted they had insufficient time for prayer, took Royal Mail to an employment tribunal, claiming religious discrimination.

The hearing in Bristol was told that the Somali agency workers, who cannot speak English, wanted three additional breaks during their 4pm-to-midnight shift at the city’s main sorting office.

But they dropped their claim just hours into the case, after being told they had “no chance of winning”.

The postal workers’ legal representative was warned that tribunal chairman Clive Toomer would “almost cer­tainly” reject their claim.

Earlier this year Mr Toomer found in favour of Royal Mail when he dismissed similar claims of religious discrimination from the pair’s former ­colleague Abukar Jimale.

Speaking at the start of the hearing for Omer and Bashir, Mr Toomer criticised the case and said it should have been combined with Jimale’s to save money.

An unnamed translator said: “They have withdrawn their case because they were told by their solicitor that they have a very, very slim chance, almost no chance of winning.

“The chairman had heard a very similar case a few weeks ago and he found in favour of Royal Mail so he was certainly going to do the same in this one.”

He added: “They haven’t been given any money and no changes have been made. They are very fortunate not to have to pay the legal costs for Royal Mail.”

Mr Toomer told the tribunal this week: “The claimants wish to withdraw their claims in the proceedings and the respondents have agreed.

“I propose on the respondent’s undertaking to make no application for costs provi­ding those two claims are ­withdrawn.”

A spokesman for Royal Mail yesterday described the decision on Monday as a “victory for common sense”.

He said: “The two men were agency staff who were hired by Royal Mail to work in the distribution centre.

“They worked the night shift between 4pm and midnight and, as any employers would do, we gave them breaks in that time, during which they could have prayed.”

Omer and Bashir, who worked at the South West Distribution Centre in Severn Beach, have since left Royal Mail’s employment.

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John Sobieski said...

The Somalis really really believe the kufars are beneath them and should appease their every whim. Allah says so.

Anonymous said...

Great,give them 5 prayer breaks!!Then comes the foot baths. Then segregate the pools. Then what,oh,
we should all fast for Ramaden----all these "acommadations" actually have been asked for.
And my favorite....ban piggy banks. Yes, it happened in the U.K.

Christopher Logan said...

Somalia is such a mess, yet they want to come here and tell us how to live.

Citizen Kane said...

All these people are doing is making it less attractive in the sight of employers, to employ people who are Muslim, because they know what is going to happen. Somewhere down the line the demands will begin. If they come to the West to live and work, then they should conform to our values and our way of life. Practice your religion by all means, but keep it to yourself and don't allow your beliefs to impinge on others.

David Ben-Ariel said...

The Muslims will continue to make demands until they meet solid resistance and rejection. The Islamoonies should be encouraged to pack their bags for Mecca and remember they're in professsing Christian countries.

If we were more than professing Christian countries, they wouldn't have ever established a foothold to wage their jihad against us.

Lan Astaslem said...

Why the hell are potential terrorist allowed to handle mail?

Anonymous said...

There is a big lesson for the United States to learn from nations like the U.k, France, Italy and India. These nations are in various gradations of dhimmitude imposed by appeasement of muslims. Appeasement never works for the host nations, and soon these nations find out that they have been playing hosts to the islamic parasites. Still the vast majority of people in the free world are in deep slumber about the muslims and keep welcoming them into their midst.


Christopher Logan said...

Muslims will push as far as non-Muslims let them. Thankfully some people are starting to push back.

The leaders of the US are too arrogant to look at other countries to learn from the mistakes that they have made. They think that this is some kind of magical country where everyone will get along.

Anonymous said...

Ian Astaslem,
Muslims are allowed to handle mail as they are allowed to work for Royal Mail in the UK, if Royal Mail were to refuse Muslims work then they would be liable for a huge racial discrimmination litigation claim in the courts of the UK which they would no doubt lose, and would prove very costly as to probably bankrupt the Royal Mail so forcing it out of business.
The short answer is they have no choice legally.

Joan of Ark

Anonymous said...

If they do not speak English, is is also likely they cannot read. Does this perhaps explain the quality of the British postal service. In view of the high unemployment in Britain today, it is an egregious betrayal of the British workers to employ non English speaking foreigners. For those who will now shout out "who says they are not British, you miserable racist" I need just point out that the ability to speak English is a requirement for citizenship.

Anonymous said...

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