Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Muslims have 6 Flags ask Employees not to Wear Shorts on Muslim Day

This Saturday is Muslim Day at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles.
Six Flags spokeswoman Sue Carpenter has said that Six Flags employees have been asked not to wear shorts that day out of respect for Islam, although she said it is not mandatory. Two things come to mind here. The first is that obviously the Muslims requested this, because I doubt very much that asking the employees not to wear shorts would of ever crossed her mind. Secondly what will the demands be next year, headscarves for all women who attend the park that day? I urge everyone to pitch in and let Mrs. Carpenter know about the ideology that they are catering to. She can be reached here. Also if anyone can go to the amusement park that day, please show up in shorts and bring a couple of Hooters girls with you. This is the land of the free, not the land of oppression.

Six Flags asks workers not to wear shorts on Muslim Day

By Melissa Gasca
Signal Staff Writer
Posted: Sept. 30, 2008 9:48 p.m.
Updated: Oct. 1, 2008 4:59 a.m.

It's Muslim Day at Six Flags Magic Mountain on Saturday and Santa Clarita resident A.J. Jones is curious to know if the park hosted other religious events in the past.

This is Magic Mountain's first year hosting Muslim Family day. It is far from its first time hosting a religious event, said park spokeswoman Sue Carpenter.

"I think it's great as long as they open it up to everyone," said Jones, whose friend works at the park.

Jones is concerned the park's supervisors asked the employees to wear pants Saturday to cover their legs despite the unusually high heat. "I think its kind of strange," Jones said. "It's been so hot for pants."

But Carpenter said not to worry.

"Out of respect, we request the employees wear their uniform pants, instead of their shorts," Carpenter said. "It is only a request, it is not mandatory."

The Islamic Circle of North America requested the day as a celebration for end of Ramadan. Muslim Family Day comes just five days after the end of Ramadan, a Muslim religious observance in which participating Muslims fast from dawn until sunset.

Park officials will try to meet the Muslim group's needs as it does with any other group, Carpenter said.

"There will be a plethora of things to do for the youth and the entire family including halal food stalls, ethnic bazaar and family entertainment" the event's Web site states.

The group is hosting Muslim Family and Youth Days in seven other United States cities this fall.

All those who attend will take part in what the group claims is "The largest American Muslim event."

The theme park expects a busy day Saturday and the park will remain open to the general public and host the first day of its annual Halloween Fright Fest, Carpenter said.

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heidi said...

UH, in case you didn't notice, there are more people in this nation than muslims. IF THEY DON'T LIKE IT, THEY CAN DAMN WELL GO BACK HOME!

Anonymous said...

Muslim's see it as their position in life to take over and the western world are too busy being politically correct to see what is happening, another appeasement to Muslims to avoid any trouble.
If they do not like the traditions of their host nation then they are open to leave, on mass i suggest the same way they are flooding in.


Dinah Lord said...

Just when you thought you had heard it all!

Thanks Islam in Action.

(linking you!)

Raza said...

there is nothing wrong with a little accommodation. I am pretty sure that the girls won't die if they are not showing their legs. And what's wrong with a little respect?

Anonymous said...

Respect for the host nation and their traditions. I agree if Muslim's don't like it they know where the door is.


denialator said...

I find it offensive to be influenced by foreigners who want to destroy my culture and diminish my freedoms.

This is un-American and ridiculous for an American amusement park to appease Muslims to the point of changing our behavior to suit them and conform to such P.C. cowardice.

Screw the Muslims. If they want to be accepted at all, they should realize this is America, not Arabia or the land of Islam. "When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

Get out of my face with this crap and go home. We don't need this sort of lunacy.

RWCON11 said...

Raza, accomodation and respect is always nice, but regrettably, in America freedom of expression trumps religion, morals, common decency, and courtesy. My Christian ethic is second to First Amendment freedoms. Something I must live with as must all religions. Muslim's are no different.

Christopher Logan said...

Respect is supposed to be a two- way street. That is not the case with Islam. Catering to Muslims will just lead to more demands. Pakistan is proof of that. They were given their own country and they are still not satisfied over there. Should we ban pork and alcohol out of respect for them?

Chewchy said...

Quote Raza: there is nothing wrong with a little accommodation. I am pretty sure that the girls won't die if they are not showing their legs. And what's wrong with a little respect?

Raza, I'm pretty sure that the people attending won't die if they see some leg. Why not stop there? How about asking them to wear a scarf? Or better yet, have only male workers take shifts that day.

Those women who are all covered up may get heat stroke though.

Ever hear of "give an inch, take a mile"?

Lao said...

"there is nothing wrong with a little accommodation. I am pretty sure that the girls won't die if they are not showing their legs. And what's wrong with a little respect?"

This is not about "respect", this is about "submission".

An American Expat in Southeast Asia

Christopher Logan said...

If only we could have a President with an America first attitude like you have.

rwcon11, Very good point.

Thanks to everyone else for dropping by and posting insightful comments. The more people that speak up the better as I send my links to the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

We are in this together.

Anonymous said...

I find this so hipocritical as as a Christian I have virtually no rights in Muslim countries. Muslims go home and leave us alone with ur demands!

Anonymous said...

I am sure Homeland Security knows all they need to know about the event as they are one of the sponsors :)
Check it out at

KAOSKTRL said...

Im pissed off that an ideology that calls for the death of all non members is given any respect at all.

Anonymous said...

Knowledge is power, and we need people to draw our attention to what is going on in our own back yards.
There will always be a downplay of what is happening, so we must be aware and always alert to the threat of the enemy within.Keep informed and keep watch, if anyone goes asleep on watch they are likely never to wake up again, along with the rest of us.
Both security forces on both sides of the Atlantic rely on being kept informed. This is one blog that can do that, along with Pat Condell on the British side.


Anonymous said...


Always On Watch said...

More dhimmitude and creeping Islamomania....

For the end of Ramadan, the Empire State Building was illuminated in green.

1. Green is the color of jihad. It has symbolic significance to Moslems -- historically and today. I've confirmed this with several Moslems, Arabs who are not Moslem, and Moslem apostates.

2. Eid al Fitr celebrates the militant Islam. See this from an Islamic source.

Therefore, this Moslem dress code crap is not a matter of respect. It's a matter of the camel's nose in the tent. The rest of the camel is pushing, pushing, pushing so as to take over the entire tent.

Anonymous said...

Then we all must see to it that our tents remain our own.


Raza said...

I would understand you saying that if the manager pressured them to wear pants, but she didn't. There is nothing wrong with the manager saying to the employees that Muslims on Muslim Day would prefer that females wear pants instead of short so if you want to, please wear pants.

@Christopher Logan
I am a Muslim and I live in the West, and truth be told, I've never witnessed any sense of disrespect from the Muslims to non-Muslims, NEVER.

Respect is about submission.

Anonymous said...

No disrespect from Muslims to non Muslims ? NEVER, am i missing something here ?
The WTC attack.
The London attack
That was all respectful ?
The celebrations in the Muslim world ? Street parties in Palestine, all very respectful, i am sure.
You should look up what respect to life means in the dictionary.

In hot weather in an amusement park American female staff will be more comfortable wearing shorts.
Why should they have uncomfortable working conditiond to suit a minority group in order to bow down to their little demands.

wear your shorts ladies, the shorter the better.


Anonymous said...

Hello Christopher,

Islam in Action is a great site, I was referred here by your email. One problem - I can't show it to my children because you're carrying an ad for "Naughty Women". The photos are kinda gross anyway. It's a shame I can't show them your site as I am working hard to keep them out of dhimmitude.

Anonymous said...

The ads change around by keyword i think, just wait till a more suitable family ad comes on.


Raza said...

I don't see where you got the idea that I was talking about the billion of Muslims that are here on this Earth; I was talking about all the Muslims that I've met in the West.

And it's really asinine that you bring up those events as they were commited by the few out of the billion Muslims around the world.

Anonymous said...

Afew, yes, cheered on by so many.


Christopher Logan said...

Respect is not about submission. But thanks for showing that you want us to submit to your religion. Not going to happen.

It is asinine that you make a comment like that to Joan. What is taking place at 6 Flags is disrespect. Keep your religion to yourselves.

To anonymous.
Those ads run by keywords, but I will take care of them tonight, so that you can show the site to your children.

Raza said...

You guys are prone to confusion and making assumptions factual. I never said I want anyone to submit to Islam. I don't know if you guys are serious or looking to simply argue for fun, but this is really ridiculous.

It's clearly obvious what I meant. Respect is submission. You're submitting to their plea out of respect.

sub·mit: to yield oneself to the power or authority of another.

Just so people won't twist my words around or for the mentally challenged, I am not advocating for the Muslims to control the Western world.

Do Muslims sometimes complain too much? Definitely, but is this another one of those unreasonable request? No.

Christopher Logan said...

Stop with the usual Muslim word games.
First you say that you do want anyone to submit to Islam and then you say we should submit out of respect. Why should anyone respect Islam? Muslims are always demanding respect, well respect is earned and not gained by telling non-Muslims what they have to do to please Islam.

Only self centered individuals would ask complete strangers change their behaviour to please them. Muslims need to wake up and realize that we are sick of hearing your demands. Islam is your religion, not ours. Keep it to yourselves.

Lao said...

You walked right into that Raza. Thanks for proving my point.

But then again I know you better than you know yourself.

Christopher Logan said...

To the reader who was concerned about the ads. I put them on family friendly option. So they should be OK now, but I will keep my on them.

Anonymous said...

This has got to be yet another Muslim little word game. Say one thing clearly then claim another.Like when they are caught saying"kill them, that's what we do kill them" then say it was all taken out of context.

Respect is submission

It was taken out of context---Not.

what do we do ? we kil themm, kill

It was taken out of context---Not


ronyvo said...

I notice that "go back home" to Muslims is a solution.
Muslims came in our country according to a 5-6 decades plan by the Muslim oil rich countries to invade the West and then the world.
They will not leave. We THE PEOPLE have to help them do that.

ronyvo said...

The islamists are demanding rights which fits their fake religion. They are forcing their culture on us.
The problem is not with them it is with us.
We are bowing to them so why not keep asking for more and more until they dominate us!

Our leaders are weak, to say the least. Our media is anti America, traitors.

What is left is us THE PEOPLE.

I know Islam VERY well. I lived it as a Christian for over 25 years. Those years were hell on earth.

leadpb said...

This 6 Flags business is troubling. Why is the TSA one of the sponsors? Keeping an eye on their clientele?

Now Muslims are branching out and trying their best to connect with American infidels. They have kept a very low profile since the 1970s and were a negligible presence before that. Why the change? They know their time is limited if they are to make major inroads in infidel lands before the oil revenue dries up.

The Koran commands Muslims to never submit to the domination of others, that only Islam should dominate in a right and just world. The opinions or misleading comments of individual Muslims are irrelevant. Americans are starting to wake up to these facts at precisely the same time that Muslims are stepping up their game of intimidation (forever offended and aggrieved, etc.).

The most humanitarian thing we can do is raise awareness of the danger of this ideology taking root here and persuade followers of Islam they will be spiritually much happier-- if materially poorer-- living in their homelands (that are largely the result of bloody Islamic conquest) than in the USA. This is a recognition of fatally incompatible ways of life based on core beliefs rather than hatred or racism.

Christopher Logan said...

You are correct our leaders are weak, for the most part they are weak across the West. Do you care on sharing more on what you and your family went through as non-Muslims living in an Islamic country?

That was very well said. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Of course Homeland Security is well aware of these events, as they are the sponsors.. How foolish all these Muslims are! They think the Americans are submitting to their "culture" when in reality it is the perfect opportunity for Homeland Security to photograph all the attendees!!! Like herding sheep to the slaughter!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Now if that don't cause trouble my name is not what it is.

Joan of Arc

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but this accommodation is inappropriate. If Muslims wanted to announce "they" were wearing long pants as part of "their" faith tradition, then it would have been appropriate & others could have chosen to follow suit.
BUT, to have management "ask" (SIC), that other employees honor Islam, means many employees will comply out of fear they will be tagged as racists, biased, &/or they could lose their jobs because they failed to show they respected "diversity."
In addition, those employees who fail to wear long pants are now identified to any out of control actor who decides to extract vengeance because that person "disrespected" Islam.
And do not say such does not happen. Its happening in France as we speak as young girls end up targeted by roving gangs of Muslim youth who attack using the justification the girls were showing skin so they must be whores.
There are many circumstances where showing respect for another's faith is appropriate, but this "suggestion" is NOT one of them.

Anonymous said...

C'mon, people, wake up and smell the coffee, there are thousands of Muslims who are AMERICANS :) They were born in USA.

And it's actually surprisingly stupid (well, maybe not that surprisingly) to hear from educated folks, that all Muslims of United States are immigrants.


Christopher Logan said...

Muslims being American citizens is not the issue. Muslims imposing Islam is and why should we stand for it?

I saw a report on the news about a year ago, saying that in New Jersey there are Muslims who are open supporters of Al Qaeda who are US citizens. Citizenship does not mean that Muslims are loyal to the US.

Anonymous said...

British Muslims in England, were born here so British citizens became suicide bombers and attacked the London underground.
On the suicide video one of them left stated He was a Muslim and therefore his first loyalty was to Allah.
Muslims openy say their first loyalty is to Allah.
Many more people are waking up and smelling the coffee and it is not a nice aroma.


Anonymous said...

Muslims did similar day in NY a few years ago. They had a lot of protests about it. Please call 6 flags let them know how you feel about this. When in Rome do as the Romans do.

Raza did you forget 911? I would say that was a lack of respect to non muslims. Don't even try to pretend its a small amount of muslims who are terrorists. I have read your koran where it says to kill the infidels, it also says not to befriend Christians or Jews. If you don't like the way we do things, LEAVE!

Raza what is next burkas for all women? If you muslim men can't control your sexual desire seeing some womans leg then it's your problem. Control yourself!

Anonymous said...

I would agree the 9-11 attack was just a tad disrespectful to non Muslims. Instead of trying to make the west a Muslim mirror and it is obvious our way is not acceptable then I would suggest the best way forward is a one way ticket home.


Anonymous said...

Are non Muslim Americans going to be welcome at this fun day out ? Or will it be exclusive to Muslims only ?


Stefcho said...

In the West, we automatically respect others - they don't need to demand it. But Islam is always DEMANDING respect.

Sikhs, shinto practitioners, Buddhists and others don't ask or demand respect - they just get it.

Islam demands. Islam divides. Islam overcomes. Islam has no respect for us - Islam simply wants us to submit to them.

That's why Islam deserves nothing but resistance and ridicle.

Whatever Muslims demand - reject.

Anonymous said...

Stefcho for President!! Those that try to force us to respect them get none.

Anonymous said...

Forced respect is fear, fear is in turn hatred


Anonymous said...

I had occasion to travel over to Broadmeadows yesterday (which is not far from Tullamarine Airport)...and on a Real Estate advertising billboard what did I see.... EID festival in the area...I was driving so I could not read the details. There were also a few mosques within spitting distance of each other. I could not get home quick enough. I am so sick of these musos and thier advertising...and they have the audacity to complain about Christaian festivals. Australia..if you don't love it LEAVE. I get very nervy when I hear of the islamisation happening in the UK and I understand most Americans are waking up..slowly...but what on earth is happening in NTH AMERICA...that seems to be more islamic tham American. Is it too late for them in say Chicago and surrounding areas?

Christopher Logan said...

It is the same thing happening across the West. Muslims are pushing harder then anyone else. If we do not start pushing back, we are going to lose. It would be one thing if they keep their religion to themselves, but they do not.

If you have any updates from the land of Oz please email me on this site.

Lab Rat said...

There is a difference between a Muslim and a radical Muslim. I would recommend that you all get this DVD or video called Obsession - "Radicl Islam's War Against The West". I just saw the pre-release which is a one hour film. I am a disabled veteran from the first Gulf war. I am 100% service connected disabled. I have written a small book concerning my experiences because my disability are directly related to the government in which they gave me a bacterial virus in the antrax shots they gave us. I passed on this virus to my son who has since passed away with a brain tumor. I lost the other 15 people I served with doing grave detail. I testified before Congress and Senate while still on active duty and being help as what I will call a prisoner in the mental hospital because this Gulf war illness was all in my head. And of course they did not treat my traumatic brain injuries, and now there is nothing they can do about it. So when I talk I am talking from being a soldier as well as having many muslim friends who know I am a Christian and still they welcome me as their friend. I have gone to their Mosque a few times unannounced in the town I live in and not once did I hear any radical message from them. So please folks remember there is a difference. Let's not lump all Muslims together. Not every Muslim rejoices when there are non-Muslim's killed. You will never know the horrors of what I have to live with day and night. One reason I do not believe women belong in the military. But hey we wanted equal rights. Now we have the right to suffer the nightmares right along with you guys. Ain't it just wonderful....just call me Lab Rat

Christopher Logan said...

Lab Rat,
I am sorry about your illness. But there is a bottom line with Muslim immigration and that is trouble. From imposing Islam on non-Muslims to terror plots. This is happening across the world. While not all Muslims are a threat, there is no way to separate the "good" Muslims from the bad. So it is time to put an end to all Muslim immigration including student visas.

You also only mention terror attacks. The truth is that political Islam is more dangerous to life as we know then potential suicide bombers. The two worlds do not mix and non-Islamic countries do not have to live under their constant attempts to impose Islam and constant threats. If you have a plan to sort the "good" from the bad, the world is waiting.

Anonymous said...

Lab Rat
I am so sorry for your distress and loss, I too have suffered what Division are you from ?

Anonymous said...

"there is nothing wrong with a little accommodation. I am pretty sure that the girls won't die if they are not showing their legs. And what's wrong with a little respect?"

You are kidding, right? This is not for a Muslim holiday, it's just a day that this park chose to honor a specific religion. They don't do the same for ANY OTHER RELIGION. Muslim is a religion, not a race. They don't have a Christian Family day.

And if they did have a Christian Family day, do you think they could get non-Christians to abide by Christian laws?

If it's a rule for Muslims not to wear shorts, then fine, THEY can not wear shorts. But don't presume to tell ME what to wear. Got it?

And as for accommodation, they are free to do what they want, when they want, this is a free country. Please tell us all when and how these people are being unaccommodated. If their accommodation requires me to be unaccommodated, then that is THEIR problem, not mine.

This country stops being free when people like you start expecting others to do what they're told based on someone else's religion or spiritual beliefs.

I have a feeling you are less than accommodating to Christian values, right?

"Vote against Gay Marriage, be accommodating to Christians", will you do it? I didn't think so.

Christopher Logan said...

To the above anonymous poster,
She is not kidding the person who posted

"there is nothing wrong with a little accommodation. I am pretty sure that the girls won't die if they are not showing their legs. And what's wrong with a little respect?"

is a Muslim.

sarah said...


Anonymous said...

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Christopher Logan said...

To the Islamic creep Sarah, your religion does not respect others and you are too dumb to see why people do not respect those that show no respect in return, like yourself. Just another angry self centered Muslim who thinks that she can demand respect. It does not work that way.

Anonymous said...

Hello some of you guy's are crazy. Muslim are not the one's destroying your country it's your country destroying it's self there nothing wrong with having one day with putting pants on for the young women that work at Six Flags beside they dont need to be showing their behinds to men in the first place it's not like there saying make this a park rule if you just read the bible women are suppose to be cover anyway look at the Virgin Mother she always wear clothes to cover her body so read your book before you comment on what you dont know. the real terrorist are the US Military

Anonymous said...

Well the park is doing one good thing. It is the first day of Fright Fest. And I can tell you that they are doing a good job of frightening me about the future. What's next, gender apartheid? Muslim days every Friday? No food served during Ramadan? There are plenty of Islamic theme parks in Dubai for them to go to. If they don't like the American way, they can go home. This should be made known to the American public. Stealth jihad and halalification must be exposed. Good job on frightening me, Six Flags, but you will certainly not see me at your parks.