Sunday, October 12, 2008

U.N. Bans its own Leader From Criticizing the Islamic World~Video

Back in August when the U.N. Human Rights Council banned the criticism of Islam at the U.N. they were not kidding. The Muslim lead Human Rights Council which clearly is one-sided on the Israel-Palestine issue was questioned by the UN leader Secretary General Ban Ki-moon about their agenda. The Human Rights Council led by Elchin Amirbayov of Azerbaijan has said "that the agenda should not be questioned". It is clear who runs the U.N., and it is not the good guys.


Anonymous said...

The U N is useless! Talk about a "stacked deck" (as in cheating at cards)! It's scarey how they sit there & spout propaganda with
all "sincerity" and people that don't follow this stuff believe it; the younger generation too.
Of course, that's the purpose
And after awhile it becomes the "truth". id

Ben said...

If Ban Ki-Moon is a good guy, I have some prime ocean front property for you in Montana.

I refer those who may be in doubt to my blog post You've Been Mooned!

Anonymous said...

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