Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I was Just Obamaed

I was recently online talking to someone about Obama and William Ayers. This person compared Obama working with Ayers to working with someone who just has a different viewpoint. So these days being a terrorist is now reduced to someone just having a difference of opinion. After I read this I told them that they showed who they were by calling Ayers just someone with a different opinion or viewpoint. This person accused me of attacking them and I was immediately reminded of Obama. So apparently no one is supposed to point out any truths about the character of anyone on the left. Got it.

Political Dictionary

This is a new political word used to describe the act of attacking someone for pointing out the truth about one's character or personality.

Example:When a person points out the truth to Obama that he has shady friends he calls it a distraction or a personal attack.


Anonymous said...

Someone was obviously drinking the stealth Muslim's Kool Aid


Christopher Logan said...

Much of the country has sipped from that glass.

ColonialMarine said...

Jim Jones would be proud.

Sara said...

if obama not muslim then why his complete name is "barak husain obama"

Anonymous said...

Before long Sara, he will have his adoring public refer to him as Hussain Obama. You can just see it coming, his friends to tea and light refreshments, and finally the sushi pipe in the Oval Room.


Anonymous said...

Technically, having an Arabic name doesn't make one Muslim.

Stefcho said...

I've got a bad feeling about the whole Obama thing... seemingly rational people around the whole world (not just the US) have been reduced to hysterical euphoria! What's with this "Messiah", "The One", the tears, the crying, the hysterical jubilation?

The closest thing I've ever seen to this was "Invasion of the Bodysnatchers" - only that was sci-fi and this is for real!

There seems to be something majorly wrong with about 60% of the planet's population.

Was all this caused by A MOAB!?

Christopher Logan said...

I have asked many people why they voted for Obama. None of them had much more of an answer then I like him his personality. They did not even know what his policies are.

Anonymous said...

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