Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rhode Island Episcopal Priest Expelled From Church for Devotion to Islam

Unlike some leading Christians in the UK who support Islam, here we have a true leader who has taken a stand against Islam. This is good to see.

Rhode Island Episcopal Priest Expelled From Church For Devotion to Islam

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — An Episcopal priest has been expelled from her position in Rhode Island for refusing to recant her faith in Islam.

Rhode Island Bishop Geralyn Wolf notified the Rev. Ann Holmes Redding on Wednesday that she has been defrocked.

Wolf told Redding in 2007 she could be removed from the priesthood if she didn't give up Islam. Wolf gave Redding more than a year to examine her beliefs.

In a statement Wednesday, Wolf called Redding "a woman of utmost integrity" but said her open practice of Islam meant she abandoned the church.

Redding was ordained in Rhode Island 25 years ago. She lives in Seattle, Wash., but was still under the supervision of the Rhode Island Diocese.

Redding has said she believed the two faiths were compatible and felt compelled to practice both.

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