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Exclusive Q&A With the President of a Michigan Sharia Bank Part V

At the end of the Exclusive Q&A With the President of a Michigan Sharia Bank Part IV, Mr.Ranzini had broken off contact with me for about one month. That was until I wrote to him about an article that the NY Times had done on him.

You state you are not promoting anything Islamic yet.....from the article.

It’s part of this religious revival, this return to roots, you see taking place not only in Islam but in many faiths,” said Isam Salah, an expert in Islamic financing at the international law firm King & Spalding.

On the religious side, he needed to appoint a board of Shariah scholars to certify the mortgage alternatives as “halal,” or religiously permissible.

It completed 11 home sales, more than twice the weekly average, to observant Muslim customers, and pushed four more closings into next week.

The bottom line is that you as a Christian has sided with a religion that persecutes Christianity. All for the sake of the might dollar.

Here is his response where he tries to spin it like he implemented sharia banking because he is a good Christian and not for the money. I do not know how this man lives with himself. Then in an effort to try and justify to what he is doing, he tries to equate Islam to Christianity and even defends Mohammad the terrorist!

Thanks for your feedback – always interesting to see your blog entries, which I am reading “religiously”.

If you read the article carefully, you will note that I am actually promoting Catholic values by publicly embracing my religious beliefs and the principle of tolerance to others who are different.

As to Islam persecuting Christianity, every religious group has its extremists; that doesn’t mean the whole religion is bad. Two “Christians” murdered two British soldiers in Northern Ireland over the weekend in the name of Catholicism versus Protestantism. Leaving aside the fact that a true Christian cannot murder, and that murder is contrary to the Ten Commandments and Jesus’ prime injunction to love they neighbor as thyself, their actions (or assertions) would not mean that all Catholics are evil murderers. Similarly, just because Bin Laden and Zawahiri asserted that Muslims can be suicide bombers and still be good Muslims, it doesn’t take away the fact that Mohammad condemned suicide of every flavor as 100% evil.
Best wishes,

My response to his spin was this.

You didn't ban alcohol, the Christmas party and bring in sharia banking to be "tolerant". You did it because you put your Muslim customers above everyone else. Obviously one of the VP's of the bank (Amjad Quadri) had a say in this. Banning the alcohol and party just shows how intolerant Muslims can be. The problem is that you are helping advance a religion that is not in line with American values.

As far as Islam goes, you are tolerating an intolerant religion. Please stop trying to compare Christians to all the problems that Muslims are causing across the world. Are those murders supposed to offset the way Christians are treated in Islamic countries?

Those "suicide" bombers are really homicide bombers, don't let your Muslim buddies play word games with you. As for Mohammad the man was a rapist, paedophile and a terrorist himself. Islam allows murder, rape, lying and the extortion of non-Muslims. The whole religion is based on deception. When it comes to Islam homicide bombers are just part of the problem as political Islam is an even bigger threat to life as we know it. Our way and their way do not mix and things are going to get a lot worse as they are slowly changing the West to suit Islam. Sharia banking just helps them move on to their next demand.

Have a good day,

In Mr.Ranzini's reply he cannot refute a word that I said about Islam, so we see him turn into a foaming at the mouth nasty leftist. He also implies that I am against all jobs because I am against sharia banking. Yea Ranzini, that makes a lot of sense....

All business is profit driven, as it should be. If there was no profit, there would be no jobs. Without jobs there is only abject poverty and misery. In your perfect world we'd all be poor and penniless? Are you a communist?

As I mentioned previously, it’s true that our bank is targeting Muslims for Islamic Banking however, at the Kroger I walked down the aisle with the supermarket’s international food aisle, and I saw the following ethnic food:
Middle Eastern
It was evident to me that Kroger is attempting to increase sales by offering a variety of products. We are doing the same. But my personal motive is not only profit driven and without profits my bank could not exist, but based on my Catholic values of tolerance.

If I said that your motives were because you are an intolerant bigot, you'd be offended. Please don't offend me by telling me what my motives are. You don't have a clue, obviously, when you contradict what I say about my own motives, as if you know better!

Certainly, we can agree that homicidal or suicidal bombers are evil and must be stopped. We can lower the number of such bombers who target our citizen soldiers overseas by demonstrating our tolerance and love of the other. Tolerating those who are intolerant - that is the Christian way!! Are you not a Christian?

Helping integrate the Islamic community in the U.S. (2.4 million fellow citizens) into our banking system helps our country and demonstrates the inherent strength of our values. We should never forget that we are fighting two wars – lives of soldiers are at stake. We won The Cold War by winning “hearts and minds” not through force of arms. Throwing around statements as you do about what you assert Mohammad "was" - your views are decidedly not mainstream - is totally counterproductive to winning "hearts and minds"! If you spew out such hatred it doesn't make the world a better place (or safer).

How would you feel if some idiot called Jesus a rule breaking criminal who espoused overthrow of the Roman and Jewish states? Instead Jesus instructs us to turn the other check to be slapped again, if someone fairly or unfairly slaps you on your cheek. That's tolerance!

No Ranzini, that is cowardice!

In the up coming part VI Mr.Ranzini tells me that I should study the ideology of the "extremists". He also states that speaking out against Sharia law is counterproductive as it attacks all Muslims. What ever you need to tell yourself Ranzini.

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