Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Michigan Court Overturns Islamic Law!

Not only have sharia loving Muslims gotten Michigan to implement sharia banking, they actually had a court accept an Islamic divorce. Which was now thankfully overturned.

Mich. court overturns ruling in Muslim divorce

April 8, 2009
DETROIT - Declaring "I divorce thee" three times is not a legal way to end a marriage in Michigan.

The state appeals court on Wednesday overturned a ruling in Oakland County that recognized a divorce ritual that is common among Muslims in India.

The appeals court says the woman, Saida Tarikonda, was deprived of her rights. She wasn't present in India in April 2008 when her husband returned there to declare what's known as the "triple talaq" (TA'-lock).

They were married in India in 2001 and lived together in Michigan for two years until January 2008.

Tarikonda lives in Madison Heights, a Detroit suburb. She has filed for divorce in Oakland County and, under Michigan law, would be eligible for a share of marital property.

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