Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Taliban Push to Control More of Pakistan

Just a day ago the President of Pakistan signed off on the sharia law deal with the Taliban. The deal was supposed to be sharia in exchange for peace. But The Taliban has moved forward and has brought their sharia push to Buner. It is just a matter of time until all of Pakistan is governed by Sharia law.

Taliban consolidating grip in Buner

ISLAMABAD/BUNER: The Taliban are imposing their rule in the mountain valley of Buner that they took over last week, spreading fear in the area only 100 kilometres from the capital, said police and residents on Monday.

Police said authorities were negotiating with the Taliban to persuade them to withdraw, but the group had stayed put and appeared determined to take over the valley. “They are everywhere,” Arsala Khan, a deputy superintendent of police, told Reuters overt the telephone from Buner. “They are visiting mosques, they are visiting bazaars asking people to help them enforce sharia,” he said. “Buner is fast turning into Swat.”

Using loudspeakers installed at mosques, Taliban commanders on Monday called on young men in Buner to get jihadi training. Residents of Buner said they feared more bloodshed.

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