Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dutch Politician not Named Wilders Speaks out Against Islamic Gender Segregation

Usually we see Europe's greatest leader Geert Wilders speaking out against the problems that Islam brings to the West. Today another Dutch politician has come out against the Islamic based gender segregation at a Rotterdam theatre. It is refreshing to see more European politicans speaking up.

Hat tip to The Religion of Peace.

Minister: No separate theatre seats for Dutch Muslim women

Amsterdam - Theatres should not be permitted to reserve seats exclusively for women, Dutch integration minister Eberhard van der Laan said on Tuesday. Van der Laan was commenting on a Rotterdam theatre's new policy of reserving 50 seats on its first rows exclusively for women during certain performances.

The theatre said the new policy should bring religious Muslim women to the Dutch theatre who would otherwise not to do so to avoid sitting next to a man.

Minister Van der Laan said the theatre's policy contradicts equal rights legislation.
The Rotterdam city council, which is one of the sponsors of the theatre, had not protested against the new policy.

Separate facilities to accomodate the needs of religious Muslim women are not a novelty in the Netherlands.

The Nijmegen-based Pink Lady Cab company - established by a Dutch non-Muslim female entrepreneur - works with female drivers and transports women only.

Also, many Dutch public swimming pools have instituted separate women's hours in recent years.

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