Saturday, December 6, 2008

Israel Asks for Hillary's Help on Iran

The Defense Minister of Israel has asked the newly appointed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her help in dealing with Iran and their attempt to acquire nuclear weapons. In the past Clinton has stated that if she were the president and Iran attacks Israel with a nuclear bomb, she would "obliterate Iran". To understand why the President of Iran cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons please click here.

Israel's Barak asks Clinton, Gates to help face up to Iran

Sat Dec 6, 2008 JERUSALEM (AFP) – Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak spoke on Saturday to incoming US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Defense Secretary Robert Gates, asking them to cooperate in facing up to Iran.
Barak held separate phone conversations with Clinton and Gates and congratulated them for their appointment by president-elect Barack Obama, the defence ministry said in a statement.
He called for international cooperation in order to face global challenges including efforts to halt Iran's nuclear drive, which the Jewish state and the United States say is aimed at developing an atomic bomb.
The Islamic republic claims the programme is solely for civilian purposes.
"The free world has many challenges on the agenda, from Iran to radical Islamic terrorism, and tight international cooperation is needed to face these issues," Barak was quoted as telling Clinton and Gates.

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Clinton on Iran.


Anonymous said...

The best comment is to quote from the daily mash, British version of Onion

Christopher Logan said...

That's HILLARIOUS!! Lol!!
Thanks for sharing that.

Tonto said...

By extrapolation I can almost answer a question from an earlier article. The muz WANT to start the last war because, according to them, the whole world stops 7 years after that. That would save them the trouble of living in their self made s***holes any longer. Makes sense to me.
That dailymash site is very funny...thanks!

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