Sunday, December 7, 2008

Canadian Govt Backs Saudi Hate of Jews

This story is just outrageous as the obviously politically correct Canadian government cannot even bring themselves to condemn the act of Saudi Arabia not allowing Israelis or anyone who has traveled through Israel to enter their country.
As for the Saudis themselves, until they change their ways they should get the same treatment in return. No Saudis should be allowed into non-Islamic countries and no Saudi funded Mosques should be allowed to open anywhere until Christians and Jews can open houses of worship inside of Saudi Arabia.

Dec 6, 2008
Canada defends Saudi policy of shunning tourists who visited Israel

The Canadian government has come to the defense of Saudi Arabia, telling The Jerusalem Post that the desert kingdom's policy of barring entry to Canadian citizens whose passports bear an Israeli visa or border stamp is "accepted practice."

According to the Web site of Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, "Canadians have been denied entry into Saudi Arabia because their passports bore: a) an Israeli visa; b) an Israeli border stamp; or c) an Egyptian or Jordanian border stamp issued by an office bordering Israel (such a stamp would indicate the traveller entered from Israel)."

Contacted via e-mail by the Post, Department spokesman Lisa Monette was asked how the Canadian government views the Saudi policy. Monette refused to criticize or condemn the practice, instead asserting that, "it is the sole prerogative of each country or region to determine who is allowed to enter."

When pressed further on the matter and asked if Canada had raised the issue with Saudi officials, Monette once again reiterated the right of every country to impose such rules, describing it as the "accepted practice within the international community."

Contacted by the Post, a leading Canadian Jewish organization expressed outrage over Saudi Arabia's policy and said they would raise the matter with Canadian government officials in Ottawa.

"We will ask the Canadian government to make every effort to ensure that Canadian citizens are not discriminated against by the human-rights abusing regime of Saudi Arabia," said B'nai B'rith Canada Executive Vice President Frank Dimant. "The issue goes well beyond Canadian passports and is a matter for all democracies in the world to deal with," he added.

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Tonto said...

Geez, this ain't a big deal. I heard about this about 35 years ago. Lebonon guys that I worked with had trouble finding cheap flights to go home for visits and family business cause they had to be careful that the flight didn't go through Israel. So, back then, it was more than just Saudi Arabia doing it. Guess Canadiens never heard of that. Why they do it now, I don't know. It sure doesn't keep Condi or any other heavey hitters from the States go there. But then, Sauds consider the US it's "blue eyed slaves".

Anonymous said...

Yes, citizens of these Arab countries should not be allowed to enter in US. In Saudi, noone except Muslims can practice their religion openly. The labor of other religion are paid less wages and are treated like slaves. They use poor children of SE Asian countries for camel races and sex abuse.

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