Monday, December 1, 2008

India hit Again:Bomb Blast Attack on Train

Just days after the major Islamic terrorist attacks in India that killed 172 people and injured 239 more, another attack has occurred. Mark my words, if we do not end all Muslim immigration eventually we will be hit by these constant attacks also.

Official: Bomb blast kills 2, wounds 30 in India
By WASBIR HUSSAIN, Associated Press Writer
GAUHATI, India – A bomb exploded in a train coach in India's insurgency-hit northeast on Tuesday, killing at least two people and injuring another 30, a state government official said.

The explosion occurred shortly after the train arrived at Diphu railroad station, about 200 miles (300 kilometers) south of Gauhati, the capital of Assam state, said District Magistrate M.C. Sahu.

The train was heading from Lumding in central Assam to the eastern commercial hub of Tinsukhia, Sahu said.

All the 30 wounded have been hospitalized, three of them in critical condition, he said.

The bomb was a timed device, left in a bag on an overhead rack of the train coach and it blew off a part of the roof, said K.K. Sharma, a superintendent of police.

While no one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, Sharma said an ethnic insurgent group, Karbi Longri National Liberation Front, fighting for wide autonomy in the state for the past five years was suspected.

The front is one of the three groups active in the region; the other two groups have reached cease-fire accords with the government.

The blast comes just days after suspected Muslim militants attacked targets across Mumbai, killing at least 172 people and injuring 239. Tuesday's blast was not seen as related to the Mumbai attacks.

In October, the state had witnessed 13 coordinated bomb attacks which killed 89 people and wounded more than 800 in four towns.

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Anonymous said...

"Mark my words, if we do not end all Muslim immigration eventually we will be hit by these constant attacks also."

What exactly do you mean by this? It is very hard for me to be outraged by these attacks when my fellow countrymen blame me for actions I have no responsibility for.

-The Conservative Muslim American

Christopher Logan said...

It means that we are at war in 4 Islamic countries, attacks are on the rise in non-Islamic countries and the push for sharia is getting stronger and stronger in non-Islamic countries. There is no reason to allow any more Muslims to come here. It has nothing to do with you.

Unknown said...

yeah, thats what i wanted... the islamic puppet's ruling indian national congress sux to the core.... now the real war began against those f*cker muz.... a high level of political election in 2009 Q1..

army rule, thats it i wanted in india. (mainly bcoz there is no-muz in indian army)

Anonymous said...

Dear MR. so-called "The Conservative Muslim American" (aka Anonymous )

I understand exactly why its hard for you to be outraged by these attacks. The only thing that outrages Muslim Americans are comments made against them and their blood thirsty religion. They are never enraged by the attacks on their adopted country made by their own co-religionists. So in that respect you are a typical Muslim. The "Conservative Muslim American" tag is just a clever disguise.

Anonymous said...

via MEMRI:

In the Wake Of the Mumbai Attacks: India's Deputy Interior Minister: All Mumbai Attackers Came From Pakistan; Pakistani Leader: ''If India Attacks, Several Pakistans Will Be Created Within India''

Dinah Lord said...

It is very hard for me to be outraged by these attacks when my fellow countrymen blame me for actions I have no responsibility for.

-The Conservative Muslim American

I note that AMERICAN comes last in your nic, Sir/Madam. IMO, that is the crux of your matter.

I can't believe you would find it hard to be outraged by these attacks just because we are pointing out the fact that ONCE AGAIN a hideous atrocity was committed by a group of Muslim terrorists on innocent civilians.

How can you, as an American, be sticking up for these mass murderers in any way, shape or form at this point?

Is it because your true and final allegiance is to Allah not America?

Could that be it?

I, for one, am getting awfully tired of hearing about how put upon the Muslim community is in this country.

Where is the public outcry from American Muslims about this type of attack from their Islamic community?

Where are the mass American Muslim demonstrations against these kind of atrocities??? Why aren't the moderates taking to the streets to peacefully protest the actions of the so-called 'radical few'? I mean, if you condemn them so strongly and all?

It sure seemed easy enough to get a mob mobilized over some damn cartoons! But when it comes to the wholesale slaughter of citizens, tourists and Jews'? It's like, 'how dare you question us Muslims'!

The lame condemnations mouthed over and over by American Islamists pushing the Muslim grievance agenda just isn't cutting it anymore in my book. You folks have really got to get your act together.

I also agree with Mr. Logan that Muslim immigration into this country should cease and think you should be damn glad to be an American. But that's just me.

This Mumbai Massacre has truly OUTRAGED me. I hope you can understand my frustration, too.

Christopher Logan said...

Outside of China and Italy, most of the governments of non-Islamic countries do not have what it takes to stand up to the problem. If you want some information on those two countries just let me know.

Hindu American,
I am with you 100%.

Pakistan has been playing a two faced game with the world. Hate towards non-Muslims is preached across their country and they expect the world to be silent about.

Dinah Lord,
Your comment should be plastered all over the Internet. It seems that Conservative Muslim American is trying to make me the bad guy for speaking out and is looking for any reason to justify these recent attacks.

Fuckislam said...

Yep, only someone with their head well and truly up their ass could {pretend} to not understand what "ban all immigration" means.
"my fellow countrymen" means nothing to you. You follow the deranged rantings of a mass murdering serial rapist peadophile, who has ordered you to have sole allegiance to him and his unique "god" -unique in as much as he's about the only one proven to NOT HAVE POSSIBLY EXISTED, other than as a pre-islamic pagan diety.
my fellow countrymen...really? Let me hear you state that you will defend your country by killing those who threaten it. I'll then e-mail you a few addresses {like some of the cair scum} and let's see you put words into action.
Drop is-slime, mooslime, shitslm or however you want to spell a human instead.

Anonymous said...

So much ignorance in these comments. Please stop fueling hatred against my people, Mr. Logan. You're just a rabble rouser, much like those who engaged in the Salem Witch Hunts.

Anonymous said...

This is nothing like the Salem Witch Hunt as Islamic terrorist attacks are taking place across the world. You just another Islamist who thinks that he is slick.

Christopher Logan said...

The actions of Muslims stated on this site speak for themselves.

Prove the comments here to be false. It is very telling that you are speaking out against us for speaking up and not about the attacks.

Pointing out the hate that stems from Islam is not hate. Your con will not work here as more and more people worldwide are seeing the truth nature of Islam. Which leads to more and more non-Muslims speaking up. I applaud their courage.

Fuckislam said...

again, only a total retard {yep, that's you anonymous} could compare 1400 years of actual deranged hatred fuelled war to the salem witch hunts

Anonymous said...

All I am saying is that, like the Salem Witch Hunts, the rabble rousing by the eliminationists commenting on this blog seems to indicate that Islamophobia is a lot like it, because it is directing hatred and eliminationism against people who had nothing to do with the incidents which caused the fear and paranoia in the first place.

I will condemn terrorists but I will not acknowledge them as my brothers in Islam and will never apologize for being a 1st-generation Muslim American.

Fuckislam said...

The salem witch hunts were against innocent /islam/whatever has a 1400 year history of genocide, initiating war, butchery, sanctioned child rape, degrading women.
it also has a mandate to kill all those who either wont convert to the teachings of youe mass murdering serial rapist peadophile profit {may pigshit be upon it} or wont live as dhimi's.

Anonymous said...

Your incomprehensible blabbering aside, Islamophobia is, like the Salem Witch Hunts, eliminationism and is directed at innocents who had nothing to do with terrorism.

In fact, one who commits terrorism is not a Muslim anyway.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Muslim migration needs to be checked and stemmed in now before it gets too late. India made the mistake of allowing the Muslims to live and interbreed among themselves and now it has created a massive problem. The only solution for Muslims and Islam is to round up all Muslims around the world and dump them back in the Middle East where they can jihad up each other. The massacre of Mumbaikers has left me particularly outraged at Islam. I think the time has come when Hindus here are now saying 'enough is enough'. You Muslims will never live in peace. Not as long as there is one Hindu alive. Mark my words you filthy dogs. It is surprising too that no 'good Muslim' has come out and condemmed the Mumbai massacre. We all saw how moderate muslims protested the Danish cartoons. But nobody feels the need to condemm a massacre. Fuck Muslims. primitive bunch of wankers.

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