Wednesday, December 17, 2008

EU Bans Screening of Fitna

The British finally take a step to wake up their country by showing the Islam truth movie Fitna and the EU turns around and helps the enemy out by banning the screening. The reason that they gave for banning the film was that there were protests in Pakistan, Iran, Indonesia and Afghanistan after a Dutch screening. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon calls the film "offensively anti-Islamic". Well Mr. Moon that is the idea, and sometimes the truth is not so pleasant. Will someone please let me know when the EU has the guts to ban the Islamic preachers of hate?

Here is the film in two parts. WARNING GRAPIC IMAGES


Dinah Lord said...

You have got to be kidding me!

Fitna has been banned?


I am starting to think that we are so screwed.

If you ask me, it's Ban Ki-Moon who is offensive - offensively dhimmi.

All Islamic hate preachers and terror pimps should be named, shamed and defamed. Until that happens, they will just keep fanning the flames of hateful religious delusions and churning out wild-eyed lunatics for their wacked-out jihad of MUSLIM terror.

(I still can't believe that the EU has banned Fitna. Shaking my head.)

Christopher Logan said...

Wilders is going to try for another showing. He is what we need here. If we don't get politically incorrect leaders, we might just lose this war.

Tonto said...

Personally, I take every opportunity to insult islam that I am offered. I like the very idea of sort of a payback for all the insults and impositions that islam has pushed on the western world. Fitna is an insult of truth shoved down their throats and therefore doubly delicious! That's why they hate it so.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why anyone is surprised that the Eurabian Union banned the film. After all, it defames the religion of peace. /sarc

Anonymous said...

Where is Britain showing this movie?

Christopher Logan said...

Hi Stephen,
They are not now.

Anonymous said...

The liberal world is destroying itself. They do not realize that they will be the next targets of radical islam.

**** on Muhammad the psychopathic caravan raiding pedophile murderer.

Allah AkBARF.

Thorum said...

Christopher, You culd not have said it better!!!
"If we don't get politically incorrect leaders, we might just lose this war."
There is one important thing we must remember. I think there are enough of "us" who are politically incorrect (ie: say it like it is) who can still carry this war regardless. The foot soldier wins the wars, no?
Keep up your great work!!

Anonymous said...

Like your style, Tonto. Keep on insulting! I do my little bit of counter jihad every time I visit a bookshop. I rescue a koran from the religious section,and place it where it belongs, the True Crime section. A bit childish, I know,but it does make you feel good. I'm hoping it will catch on and become a worldwide movement!

Christopher Logan said...

Thanks and if it were not for people like us and our great military our country would not be fighting back at all.

Urban11, that is pretty funny.

Dinah Lord said...

Christopher, I am so sick of mealy mouthed politicians and diplomats refusing to speak the truth about Islam that I could scream.

Urban11 - I'm joining your crusade. Going to the mall today where I will undertake a little counterjihad Koran swapping in your honor!

Christopher Logan said...

You have more guts than most of our male politicians.

Anonymous said...

Well, Dinah and Urban 11 great minds think alike. I too have been going to book stores. I however have been taking my white out or black nail polish and write Terrorist manual on the spine. I pretend I'm gonna buy it and then I leave it in the crime section. I've also been known to throw copies of the terrorist manual into the nearest trash bin. HA HA HA. Childish maybe, but oh so satisfying!

Anonymous said...

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