Tuesday, November 11, 2008

UK:Muslim Cabbie Fined for not Picking up a Blind Passenger

Hat tip to Canadian Couple.

Muslims of the UK have lost their 3rd straight demand of trying to get non-Muslims to cater to Islam. The first being the Muslim man who sued a supermarket because he had to handle alcohol. The second demand which was shot down were the Muslims launching a petition trying to stop a new Tesco Supermarket from selling any alcohol at all. Now the third is a UK Muslim cabbie who got fined for refusing to allow a blind person with a seeing eye dog into his cab, as many Muslims believe that Islam is against dogs. The cabbie was fined £300 after responding to a summons with a guilty plea. He will have to pay this, along with £150 in legal costs and a £15 victim surcharge, within 28 days. Thankfully the citizens of the UK are slowly waking up and standing up to the Islamists. Cheers mates!!

Link to cabbie article


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