Thursday, November 13, 2008

UK:Labour:Parliament is “Too White and Too Male” to be Sensible

The UK's ruling Labour Party which is destroying the UK with endless handouts, mass immigration and constant catering to Islam has come out said that their country's government is "too white and too male to have any sensible debates. One example that they cited was the veil worn by Islamic women. Couldn't they research this issue without having Muslims in their Parliament? In liberal terms all this means is that they want to cater to Islam even more. Labour never learns.

Parliament is “Too White and Too Male” to be Sensible, Says Labour

The British parliament is too white and male to have “sensible” debates on a string of issues, Commons Leader Harriet Harman has said.
The Cabinet minister warned that the Commons would have “no legitimacy” if it is seen as a “narrow and self-serving elite.”
She spoke as MPs approved the creation of a cross-party Speaker’s Conference, the first for more than two decades, to look at ways to boost the number of women and ethnic minorities being elected.
Harman also wants it to examine issues such as the sexuality of MPs. She said: “We cannot sensibly discuss the veil (in the Commons) when there is no Muslim woman MP; it was impossible to discuss domestic violence when there are 97 percent men in the Commons.”

Commons Speaker Michael Martin will pick up to 17 MPs to take part in the conference, which is expected to present recommendations next year.

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Anonymous said...

Too White??? WELL, I'M WHITE & I'M OFFENDED!! Maybe I'll sue!!!
sound familiar? How can you talk about a subject when most haven't
personally experienced the situation???Did this woman ever hear of testimony? Isn't that what the UK & USA justice system are built on?? All of a sudden we have to actually experience something--
what is this an AA meeting???
It keeps getting weirder & weider....simple logic is apparently out the window. id

Christopher Logan said...

The world is upside down because of political correctness.

Anonymous said...

If Jackie Smith was beheaded it would make no difference as she is brain dead already


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