Sunday, November 9, 2008

Democrats Look To Dominate

When the Republicans were in control of the government lawmakers such as John McCain looked to reach across the aisle to the Democrats. Less than a week after Republicans got thrashed in the latest election, Democrats are wasting no time in strengthening their position and doing what they have to do to stay in power. Obama's first order of business is to grant amnesty to the approximately 12 million illegals immigrants living here. Obviously most of these illegals will return the favor and vote Democratic in future elections.

If that is not enough, President elect Obama has stated that he will use his executive orders to make a grand entrance as soon as he officially becomes our next President. His plans might include reversing Bush's OK on domestic drilling for oil and natural gas.

Although Obama's transitional leader John Podesta has stated that Obama will have a diverse cabinet which may include keeping Defense Secretary Robert Gates. Majority Leader Harry Reid has stated he wants to keep Gates because he is not a Republican.

The next order of business has to do with Harry Reid and chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Joe Lieberman . Although Senator Lieberman is technically a Democrat he has much stronger views on the war on terror than most Democrats and has not toed the party line. In 2006 he ran as independent after he failed to win the Senate primary in Connecticut and had also criticized Obama as an inexperienced candidate. Now may be pay back time as Harry Reid is considering removing him from his position on the Homeland Security board.

These actions and their pre-election get out the vote drive show us that the Democrats are clearly more passionate about being in control of our government. When the Republican Party regains their passion, they might actually have a shot at regaining control of this country.


Anonymous said...

One again you nailed it!!We need a real leader!! "60 Minutes" did a spot about how organized Obama's
campaign was. And how they covered
EVERY state;Some of those states
had no,noda,zilch,0,McCain people
getting out the vote."People get the
government they deserve" Who said
that? The trouble is we: the sensible, the conservative,the seers of TRUTH have to be punished
along with the seeker's of CHANGE
(whatever that means).Those who will bring "social justice" Obama
said "social redistribution"(chilling)
People will always vote for the candidate that promises the most benefits...someone said that 200 years ago when describing the down
fall of democracies. But
I'm still suffering from shellshock. WE must fight on----"do not go silently into the night." id

Christopher Logan said...

Republicans just do not have any true leaders that are electable. McCain was passionless until the very end. They got spoiled and lazy.

Always On Watch said...

The power of executive order can be substantial.

Furthermore, any squawking about BHO's use of that power will be designated as racist.

Podesta claims that BHO has a MANDATE. What mandate? He didn't win by a huge margin of popular vote.

You might be interested in the graphic I used at the end of my post on this same matter of using executive order. The graphic may be a bit of hyperbole, but I posted it anyway.

Christopher Logan said...

Your graphic is fine, maybe it will wake some people up.

Anonymous said...

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