Saturday, November 15, 2008

Muslim Woman who Played the Victim Card~Busted!!

We see it all the time, that many Muslims look to play the victim card to get people to back off on criticizing Islam. Well this woman took it too far and made up two stories of being the victim of anti-Muslim hate crimes. This con woman was even allowed to give an interfaith speech after the first false report, but her lies have all come out. She is the one facing charges now.

Student indicted after scare at Elmhurst College
By Christy Gutowski
A DuPage County grand jury indicted a Muslim student at Elmhurst College on suspicion she lied when reporting a masked gunman assaulted her on campus, hours after she spoke at a diversity rally urging tolerance.

Safia Z. Jilani, 19, of Oak Brook is expected to plead not guilty Monday when arraigned on a felony charge of filing a false police report. If convicted, she faces a possible sentence of probation or up to three years in prison.

Prosecutors said Jilani told police her assailant beat her with a pistol about 8:30 p.m. Oct. 9 after she entered a washroom in the Schaible Science Center, where the masked man had scribbled racial slurs on the walls.

One week earlier, she reported finding anti-Muslim slogans and a swastika written inside of her locker. She said the incident prompted her to speak at the Oct. 9 diversity rally, where she read a poem advocating peace and understanding despite the actions against her.

Police investigated both reports as a hate crime, which caused a stir on campus, but they ended up arresting Jilani one week later after accusing her of making up both allegations to garner attention.

A grand jury indicted Jilani Thursday, according to court records released Friday. She is free on bond pending Monday's arraignment before DuPage Circuit Judge Kathryn Creswell in Wheaton.

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Colonel Neville said...

Dear Chris:

I'm convinced that the Secret Secret Fruit Fly Society is behind all this, even though I just made them up.

Or the BushHitler Support Group, or the Mossad Swimming Club, or The Arthur Murray Dance School, or the CIA Glee Club...

Damn, I just know it's something Jewish or Christian, or SOMEONE I just like to accuse of whatever nonsense comes into my head. NO WAY could a Muslim ever do anything er, wrong!

I think you and I are behind it!

I admit it! It was me!

All the best from Colonel Neville.

Christopher Logan said...

LOL!! According to them it is never them.

The Localmalcontent said...

It's hip to be a victim these days in America. Victimhood garners so much sympathy, afterall.

Anonymous said...

Playing the vicim draws sympathy for the underdog and Islam, the problem with it now is that Islam are not the underdog, we are


Anonymous said...

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