Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Muslims "Not Welcome" at Interfaith Prayer Centre in Genoa

The Mosque bulldozing, Muslim deporting, and Mosque closing country Italy continues to lead the way in the fight versus Islam.

August 6, 2008

Muslims "not welcome" at interfaith prayer centre in Genoa

Right-wing politicians want to ban Muslims from a proposed multi-faith prayer centre based in a palace founded by Crusaders Richard Owen in Rome.
A proposal to turn a medieval palace in Genoa founded by Crusader knights into a multi faith prayer centre for Muslims, Jews and Christians has run into opposition from local politicians who say Muslims are "not welcome".

Members of the anti immigrant Northern League - which is part of the centre Right government led by Silvio Berlusconi - said the Genoa council's plan to use the Commenda di Pre for multi faith prayer was unacceptable.

Francesco Bruzzone, a regional councillor for the Northern League, said Muslims had "no business coming" to the hospital and hostel where crusaders and pilgrims had gathered and said mass before leaving for the Holy Land."This shows a lack of respect for history" Mr Bruzzone said. He said he had been due to go on holiday but instead had decided to stay in Genoa to protest.

Marta Vincenzi, the centre Left mayor of Genoa, said the council wanted to open an inter-religious centre "where members of the three monotheistic religions - Christians, Jews and Muslims - can all go to pray". Catholics would use the prayer centre on Sunday, Jews on Saturday and Muslims on Friday. Salah Hussein, the imam in Genoa, welcomed the idea, which he said would reinforce "civil co-existence".

However Corriere della Sera said there was already a Catholic chapel dedicated to St John adjoining the palazzo, while Jews had a synagogue in the centre of Genoa. The "real sticking point" was the Islamic community, which had asked to be allowed to build a mosque in Genoa but had encountered local resistance.

Ms Vincenzi said that as a compromise she had proposed that Muslims in Genoa be allowed to build a mosque near the port, where there was a mosque in medieval times, "but without a minaret". However the imam said that "for us a minaret is indispensable. It's like asking Christians to build a church without a bell tower. A minaret has a very important function precisely because it is visible. It would show Muslims who come to Genoa but do not know the city where they can go to pray".

There was no question however of a muezzin call to prayer, the imam said, since Genoa was "not a Muslim city". Ms Vincenzi said a petition for a referendum being circulated by the centre Right in Genoa was "illegitimate - you cannot have a referendum on a constitutional right such as freedom of worship".

The Commenda di Pre, with three storeys of open galleries, was built in the eleventh century, and is still decorated with frescoes depicting the knights' battle insignia and coats of arms.

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Anonymous said...

Bravisimo Italianos!!

Anonymous said...

The Italian politicians are a bunch of wimps!

They should be throwing Muslims out of their country instead of sitting around talking.

So should the cowardly politicians of Sweden throw out the Muslims.

Swedish Steel

Christopher Logan said...

Come on SS, don't they deserve a little credit? They are doing more then any other country.

Any update on the calls to prayers issue in your country?


WC said...

"The Commenda di Pre, with three storeys of open galleries, was built in the eleventh century, and is still decorated with frescoes depicting the knights' battle insignia and coats of arms."

I bet once the Muslims are allowed to pray at the Commenda di Pre, they will demand that those frescoes be taken down because they offend them.

Christopher Logan said...

They tried to get the crosses off of the Russian Coat of Arms. To allow them to freely practice Islam, is to allow them to destroy life as we know it.

Right Truth said...

Can you imagine something like this happening in the UK or even the US?

The Muslims don't have any problem with the call to prayer across most of Europe, in Canada and even here in the US.

I think Italy should be praised for the stand they are taking

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth</a

Anonymous said...

I think the reformation to islam should start in Italy. Italy do not succumb to Islam unless they reform. Ask Saudi arabia to open one church / temple/ synagogue. For 10 Kufr worship place in Muslim world allow one in the west. see what is happening in Malaysia. One Christian woman cannot convert to Christianity from Islam. see Pakistan, christian girls are kidnapped raped and forced to marry Muslims and convert. You Italians stop Muslims altogether from Immigration. Muslims will bring Quran which tells them to kill Kufrs. Throw them out now forever. Long live Italy.

Christopher Logan said...

Debbie, it is always a one way street with the Islamic world. They constantly have demands, yet no one can ask them for anything in return.

LEL said...

Good for them!

Anonymous said...

Well done. if only the rest of the WESTERN countries follow suit and expose Islam for what they are.

Anonymous said...

Western countries should deport all muslims and not allow any into their country for any reason. This will save billions of dollars spent on internal security to prevent terrorist attacks in their country. We would not need to send soldiers to muslim countries to find terrorist any more as they no longer would have access to our country. It would be a win/win situation for the west. We get rid of infidels and save billions of dollars while doing it.

Anonymous said...

Of all the countries I would have expected to lead the fight against Islam, Italy would not have been one of them. I must say, I now have great respect for the Italians. Someone actually has the moral courage and fortitude to stand up for their way of life.

Someone is finally realizing that:

"Tolerance of intolerance is Cowardice," and is acting on it.

Interestingly, the article states:

"for us a minaret is indispensable. It's like asking Christians to build a church without a bell tower"

Interesting, I would remind the casual reader, that under the "Pact of Umar," which dictates terms for dhimmi living under islam, No church is allowed to be built which is taller than the lowest mosque, and BELLS are strictly FORBIDDEN.

If the muslims want muezzin, and calls to prayer, they can move to Saudi Arabia, where they don't have to tolerate the presence of any religion other than Islam. Baring that, they can get pagers, or God forbid, have to learn to read a watch.

Paul Troon

Anonymous said...

Gee, I wonder why those Crusaders might not really like Muslim immigrants?

......Nope! No clue!

Tonto said...

If I have learned one thing about dealing with muz, it is this: Never, ever back up or compromise with them. The adage about "give and inch, take a mile" must have had the muz in mind when it was formed.
Italy, good on you!

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Antonio Maccialeri said...

well, now the League is running the government again, ain't think they'll tolerate turning historical crusader locations into mosques for one. That's completely fair, everyone should have their own place and live in harmony. I'm sure everyone would be so much happier should everyone get some osrs gold for sale

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