Tuesday, August 12, 2008

UK's First 'Sharia-Compliant' MasterCard Launched for Muslims

The U.K. continues to lead non-Islamic countries in their march toward an Islamic takeover. Or should I say surrender? I have plenty of British friends, but their leaders and businesses are failing them miserably. The credit card company involved actually has Sharia advisers. Ummm..... excuse me but, there should not be Sharia advisers in a non-Islamic country for any reason, what so ever. Oh, and Mr. Moy you sir are the dhimmi of the week.

Monday 11th August 2008 - 2:11pm

MasterCard launches UK's first 'sharia-compliant' credit card for Muslims
The UK's first sharia-compliant prepaid MasterCard was launched today in London - dubbed the "Islamic financial centre of Europe".

The Cordoba Gold MasterCard does not charge or receive interest as this is in direct conflict with sharia Law.

The company also donates at least 10% of its profits to registered charities in the UK and abroad.

Speaking at the launch, Ahmed Suleiman, CEO of Cordoba Financial Group, said: "Setting up a sharia financial company has been a great pleasure for us, although we have taken a David and Goliath approach.

"The trust we have garnered from our sharia advisers is something that money can't buy, as is the trust we are going to engender with our customers."

Nicholas Moy, chairman of the Cordoba Financial Group, added: "This is another product offered by London, which as you all know is the Islamic financial centre of Europe."

He said that inshallah, or God willing, the company would be expanding into France and Germany "in due course."

Also at the launch was Chris McCafferty MP, founder of Friends of Islam.

She said: "The issue of borrowing and credit cards poses a financial problem, especially for young people who want to set up a home.

"This is an excellent way to pay with a credit card without breaking the rules.

"For non-Muslims, we take credit cards for granted. I often wonder where I would be if I could not get that little bit of plastic out.

"This card will solve a huge difficulty."

The UK's Muslim population is about two million and fully sharia-compliant banks have more than 30,000 customers across the UK.

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Anonymous said...

The card pictured should be numbered with all 6's, or at least three of them in a row.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same 666 that we are asking to donate to Islam in Action. Why are we so threatened by this ?

Christopher Logan said...

It's no big deal to me that Muslims do not like me and this is just one more step towards an Islamic world.

Anonymous said...

I like this article---just one more warning. They don't try to hide their agenda. Neither did the Nazis---everyday the West cedes
more power(this time financial) or
cultural. I like your DHIMMI OF THE WEEK. Let's see it again!

Anonymous said...

It's a pre-paid card, like a debit card? So, what's the big deal, why can't these folks go with just any pre-paid card? Is the main thing that 10% of it's user fees are given to charities? Is that what makes it Sharia compliant? Does the bank have to give to Islamic charities or does any charity do? Can't rent a car with one of these puppies. The American Express Card is a pay as you go with a $75 dollar yearly fee, I've had that puppy up to $3,000 after a trip or Christmas. Paid it off within 2 mos, no interest, just late fees. I guess, I'm just not getting why they need a separate card?

C ya

Christopher Logan said...

Yes they have to give the 10% to charities and we know how that always turns out. It also recognizes Sharia and this will just encourage Muslims to push forward with their Sharia agenda.

Anonymous said...

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