Monday, August 18, 2008

U.N. Bans Criticism of Islam

Piece by piece Muslims are slowly chipping away at our freedoms, instead of assimilating they want to bring the Middle East to us. Just the other day Michigan Muslims protested a Christian radio program and now Muslims have gotten the United Nations to ban the criticism of Islam in regards to human rights events. The effort to install this censorship was spearheaded by delegates from Egypt, Pakistan and Iran. Is it me, or should these countries even have a say on the Human Rights Commission? Countries where non-Muslims and even Muslims have little rights. Isn't freedom of speech a "human right"? I guess not under Islam....

Exclusive: Incredulous UN Bans Criticism of Islam
Leslie Sacks

The Human Rights Council at the United Nations has now banned any criticism regarding Sharia Law and human rights in the Islamic World. According to President Doru Romulus Costea - and following the efforts of delegates from Egypt, Pakistan and Iran - the Council will no longer tolerate criticism of either Sharia or specific fatwas in the name of human rights.

In many parts of the Islamic world, it is becomingly increasing clear not only that the Koran (the written record of the original oral transmissions of Mohammad’s life teachings) and the Hadith (the later delineations of those teachings) are considered sacrosanct in their perfection, but also the various implementations of these teachings, known as Sharia Law. No evolution or refinements are required. No matter that nearly every multitudinous Muslim sect or group has a differing interpretation of this God-given Sharia Law. Nor that the stoning to death of women, beheading of men, and all the 6th century niceties of feudal Arabia are still part and parcel of the immovable Islamic tradition. Never mind that Sunni will decimate Shia - and vice versa - over differences of interpretations far more modest than those between (modern) Catholics and Protestants, between Hindus and Buddhists. Islamic sect can war on Islamic sect, Arab can criticize Arab.

Because Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism and all other religions are imperfect, they are fair game for any and all attacks. Since Israel, Zionism, America and the Western World were created and developed outside the Islamic World and its divine perfection, they are likewise subject to criticism.

Now, not only has the Islamic God forbidden outside criticism of the Sharia Law, but the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) is its enjoined messenger on earth.

Of course, observers of the HRC should not be surprised. The ostensibly prestigious body has become a revolving door for countries with an ambivalent (or even well nigh invisible) relationship with freedom and democracy. In the two years following its replacement of the equally dictatorship-friendly Human Rights Commission, Algeria, Angola, Azerbaijan, Cameroon, China, Cuba, Egypt, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia have all been elected to the Council. As a majority of the Council’s resolutions are concerned with Israel, it would effectively cease functioning were it not for its compulsive focus on the Jewish state.

Due to this resolution the Council - and thus, perversely, the UN - is endorsing a worldview in which human interpretation and understanding has been placed beyond the pale of critical thinking and investigation as long as it’s part of Sharia Law or the Islamic tradition. Perhaps we should rename the United Nations and call it the “Nations of Islam - United in Unique and Ineffable Perfection.” Sounds appropriate.

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Anonymous said...

My God! Whupps, I guess that's not
allowed either. Only allah is good....allah all the time...any time...only he is good not to be
questioned,looked at with a critical eye. Amen

Christopher Logan said...

Exactly. There are two sets of rules at play here. Muslims can preach death to Jews and Christians but no one can criticize Islam.

Anonymous said...

And the UN is going to do "what" to violators? Under what legal authority does the UN and/or the UN HRC think they have such authority to even make this determination?
This is why international law in America or American courts must be deemed improper and unacceptable. At no time must we acquiesce to any international law or ruling that violates or compromises the Constitution of the United States.
International laws that show favor to particular organizations, nations, religions, or other, are in direct violation of our constitution. Imperfect as it "might" be, it is light years ahead of the alternatives.
Such displays of hubris also show why the one world order, one world government concept would never work. Once "factions" gain unequal control of such organizations, all we get are rulings that perversely rule according to prejudices we are told cannot be questioned.
The UN has once again shown us we waste hundreds of millions of dollars every year on an organization that will never issue a ruling that is fair to all but especially they will never issue a ruling fair to America.
As for Israel, lets face it, the UN has proven day in & day out that it backs anyone who wants to destroy, disparage, or dismember that poor little nation. If Israel was as guilty of crimes as the HRC & UN assert, they would already have total control over all of the middle east & would have been forcing conversions to Judaism already. No such thing has or ever would happen.
The UN and the UN HRC are a joke. The problem is some fools still think it can work. They also believe there is a perfect world out there is we all just got along.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have major MSM link for this one? - I know it is true, but have not located it in the MSM at all so far.

Anonymous, yes, the UN must be abandoned - it has long been our enemy, and we should not collaborate with our enemies

Hi Chris - keep up your great work, it is appreciated!!!

Christopher Logan said...

Hey CC!! I will look for another link.

Christopher Logan said...

The liberal media has followed in the footsteps of the U.N. but they took it one step further......there is NO talk of Islam allowed, so they could not even run the story!! LOL!!


Ben said...

G.A. Resolved 12/24/07 and the H.R.C. near the end of March'08.

I take the G.A. res. apart and deliar it here:

I blast the H.R.C. here:

I rake Moon over the coals here:

Yea, I cuss, use execrations, curry no favor and pull no punches.

And I do cite chapter and verse. Feel free to re-post!

Anonymous said...

Can we ban the UN? It is made up of too many thugs it seems too. When a group gives thugs like Ahmadinejad and Chavez standing ovations - that is time to bring out the old boot and use it!

Christopher Logan said...

Hey rnot and thanks for the info Ben.

Anonymous said...

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The Shadowrunner said...

Right, so people like the Taliban crime lords and other people who kill/rape and the ones that brutalize their children (the mother who sent a hit man after her western-educated daughter)- all gets UN sanction to do as they well damn please - just because no one will be allowed to criticize them?.

Right, I'll petition for my country to remove itself from the UN. This is a declaration of war against the free world.

Ben said...

Shadowrunner, there is a petition to get the USA outta the UN. You can find a link to it on the petitions page at

There is a newer petition praying to the World Court for injunctive relief against Islamic violations of human rights. International Qur'an Petition. It needs your support.

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