Sunday, May 24, 2009

US Muslim Site Calls for Muslims to Confront Troops in NYC

Picture was previously on Revolution Muslim.

On May 16Th we saw the "American Muslims hit NYC Streets Calling for Sharia and Jihad" video. This Memorial Day weekend the same NY based Islamic website is calling for Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq to "address" our troops over the two videos posted below. The site's owner Yousef al-Khattab, who is an ex-Jew is also calling for Muslims to confront our troops during Fleet Week in NYC. While I do not think that our soldiers should of made these videos, I will applaud them for one thing. Which is not bowing down to Islam like our government does.

Here is what Revolution Muslim had to say, along with the two videos.

It is Fleet Week in New York City, please watch the videos of the USA occupation troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Pass these videos out to brothers and sisters in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Gulf Nations as well. Here you will see the real Bart Simpson "USA Culture" of today in practice. I want to speak to the troops about this, and insha'Allah I ask all of you to address them as well. Please be civil and always use the Islamic methodology. P.S. Now I understand why the occupation troops walk in small platoons in Manhattan.

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RadarCat said...

I wish it were legal to put a half dozen rounds from a 50 caliber Desert Eagle through Yousef al-Khattab's web server.