Friday, May 8, 2009

My Exchange With Hollywood Filmmaker Kamran Pasha

Yesterday as I was searching the Internet for articles on Islam I came across one by Muslim Kamran Pasha who is Hollywood filmmaker and author of "Mother of the Believers". The article was entitled "Europe and its Muslims: A Gap of Trust", published by the leftist Huffington Post.

The contents of it were an obviously faulty poll which stated that Muslims in Europe were very loyal to Europe. Some of the statistic of the poll were that 80% of French Muslims were loyal to France, 71% of German Muslims were loyal to Germany and the most far fetched one of them all was the one from the United Kingdom where 82% of Muslims said that they were loyal to the UK.

I find it hard to believe that Muslims in these countries have completely changed their views since these past polls and actions.

Were the massive Muslim riots in France of 2005 and 2007 a sign of their loyalty towards France?

A past poll had stated that over 85% of the Muslims in Germany describe themselves as “religious” or “very religious. If they are very religious they cannot be loyal to a non-Islamic country over Islam.

In the UK a recent poll stated that 44% of the Muslims there do not want to integrate. Instead they admit that they want to form their own Islamic communities within the UK. This does not sound like loyalty to me and neither does this.

Mr.Pasha closed his article out by playing the very overused Muslims are the victim card and it is not their fault that they are not integrating. This is what he had to say.

But I hope that Europeans will begin the process of soul searching as to whether their fears of their Muslims neighbors are based in their own prejudices rather than in fact. European Muslims love their countries and want to integrate. It is now up to their host countries to welcome them into a new partnership that will be critical to the future of Europe and the world.

In response to his obvious misleading article I sent Mr.Pasha this email.

I just read your article about Muslims and non-Muslims in
Europe. Of course non-Muslims do not trust them, Muslims are
threatening them and telling them they are there to take over.

Almost 50% of the Muslims in the UK admit that they want a sharia UK, that is not integrating. So that makes you a liar, but what can I expect
your religion allows lying. The liberals at the Huffington Post might
fall for it, but I do not.

Pasha quickly sent me this in return.

Thank you for your email. Integration is a two way street, my friend. That's the whole point of the article. If Europeans reject and exclude their Muslim populations, some will end up in the arms of radicals.

If you have read any of my posts, you will see that I am not a fundamentalist and do no support fundamentalism of any kind, including Muslim fundamentalists, in Europe or anywhere. People of good will must work together to defeat any form of extremism, whether it takes the form of religious fanaticism or racism.

I wish you well, and say to you "Peace". And that is not a lie.

If you provide me a mailing address, I'll be happy to send you a complimentary copy of my novel. Perhaps it will help you see another side of Islam, the Islam of love, joy and harmony that is the heart of my faith.

Warm regards,

While Pasha tries to come off very friendly, he is clearly deceptive. That can be seen in the upcoming emails.

My return email to him.

Muslims who are wanting sharia are just following their religion. There are more than enough Muslims there that have no intention of assimilating. So the please do not play the overused victim card.

Muslims are constantly telling non-Muslims how to live and what needs to be changed in Europe to suit Islam. So of course non-Muslims are rejecting them. Even Muslims here are acting the same way as in Europe, it is just not as bad yet. Islam and the West do not mix. Domination is what is at the heart of your religion.


Tomorrow I will post part II. Stay tuned!

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