Sunday, November 30, 2008

Islamic Republic of Iraq Part 2

Back in July I reported with no offense to our troops intended, that we have allowed an Islamic country to be created in Iraq where Christians and women are being oppressed. New reports have shown us that these types of actions are still taking place all with the backing of the Iraqi government.

Information has just come out that so called "honor killings" are on the rise in Iraq and the perpetrators are rarely punished and some have even been congratulated by the police department. In the city of Basra any man who wants to have a woman killed can now just hire an honor killing hit man. The price is as little as $100. This year 81 woman there have been killed for supposedly shaming their families. Out of the 81 there have only been 5 convictions.

Human rights activist Mariam Ayub Sattar has said that any woman who is seen talking to any male outside of their family members is considered a whore and is punished. Three woman have been burned with acid as punishment for this. Most of the organizations there to help women have closed down to due violence and threats against them.


Anonymous said...

Nation building with Muslims does not work.


Unknown said...

Darn... its a shame.. what the fcuk they want by all these? asso fundamental islamic people. genocide those bstrd..

Christopher Logan said...

Please do not call for the genocide of anyone.

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