Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Iraq:Christian Sisters Murdered, Christians Shut out by the Govt

Two Christian sisters were shot dead and their mother stabbed by a Muslim mob just one day after it was reported that Iraqi Christians were returning to their homes in Mosul after fleeing Muslim persecution about one month ago.

These horrible acts which are common across the Islamic world are only part of the problem for the Iraqi Christians since we gave the Iraqi Muslims their freedom from Saddam. In October right before the Christians were forced to flee their homes in Mosul, it was reported that they were told to convert, pay jizya or they would be killed.

This is the only part of the nightmare in Iraq for the Christians. The government was being pressured by the United Nations to draft a bill to get article 50 into law. Article 50 was supposed to guarantee 15 out of the 440 government seats to minorities. Thirteen seats were for Christians. The article was never drafted so now the Christians are entitled to one seat in the government. How much worse will it get for the Christians once our troops leave?


Anonymous said...

Mass exodus and Genocide will occur. If you are not Arab, Kurd or Muslem then you are not welcome in Iraq.

Although Assyrians aka Iraqi Christians make up 3% of the entire Iraqi population, 40% of all displaced Iraqis are Assyrian. One thing the Sunni/Shiite Arabs and Kurds do agree upon is extermination the indigenous people of Iraq, the Assyrian Christians.

Christopher Logan said...

As soon as Muslims there did not have Saddam's iron hand over them, they showed their true colors.

Anonymous said...

Great work here.

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Christopher Logan said...

Thanks and same to you Islam in Europe.

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