Thursday, November 27, 2008

20,000 Muslims Attack a Church in Cairo

It is one thing after another with the so called religion of peace. Today it was an attack on a Church in Egypt. As it was opening it was seized by a Muslim mob chanting that they will sacrifice themselves for Islam. They also took control of another building across the street from the Church to use as a Mosque. I guess that they have to get those prayers in before the next attack.

In the past I have seen Christian groups catering to Islam. Examples of this are one that assisted with the building of a Mosque. Another Christian charity banned Christian literature and any images of Jesus in gift boxes being sent abroad . The reason was the usual, they did not want to offend Muslims.
Until Christians are treated as equals across the Islamic world I urge all Christians to take a stand against Islam and stop catering to its followers in anyway. Respect is supposed to be a two way street.

20,000 Muslims Attack a Church in Cairo
One thousand Christians were today trapped inside the Coptic Orthodox Church of the Virgin Mary in West Ain Shams,Cairo, after more than twenty thousand Muslims attacked them with stones and butane gas cylinders. The Church's priest Father Antonious said that the situation is extremely dangerous.

The Muslim mob that attacked the church blocked both sides of the street and encircled the church building, broke its doors and demolished its entire first floor. The mob were chanting Jihad verses as well as slogans saying "we will demolish the church" and "We sacrifice our blood and souls, we sacrifice ourselves for you, Islam", while the entrapped Christians chanted "Lord have mercy".

The incident started on the occasion of the inauguration of the Church today, when the Muslims hastily established a Mosque in the early hours of this morning, by taking over the first floor of a newly-built building facing the Church and started praying there.

When the security forces tried to disperse the mob, they went to nearby homes and shops owned by Christians, and were armed with sticks, butane, knives and other sharp objects. Witnesses said the mob included children from as young as 8-years old to men of over 50-years old, in addition to women.

The Church building was originally a factory that was adapted into its present state, the matter which took over five years to complete and to get the necessary permissions from the authorities to have a Church established.

Human rights organizations and lawyers were refused entry into the besieged Church.

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Epiphyte - said...

The hasty mosque designation is meant to physically lay claim to the area as part of islam's "sacred space" before the church could commence operation. It will be used to blare the call to prayer as a means of disrupting worship there and it's congregationists will also be available to overwhelm and intimidate any christians who have the nerve to show up for worship. Also, if I'm not mistaken, it is illegal in Egypt to build a church within a certain distance from a mosque - so this was probably also party of a plan to delegitamize on legal grounds whatever authorization the church may have obtained. Pact of Umar all the way, Baby.

Christopher Logan said...

Hi Omar,
Thanks for those insightful comments. I have seen video of the calls to prayers being blasted at a Church in Egypt.

CKAinRedStateUSA said...

They were Coptic Christians.

And this latest outrage is simply another indicator of how that Islam is a violent political movement couched loosely in some man-made physical trappings.

Their Allah is not The Most High God.

Their God is their own bloodlust and self-absorption.

Their God is what Christians call Satan.

Christopher Logan said...

The Coptics have been persecuted in Egypt for centuries, yet many people still fall for the Islam is a religion of peace lie.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to join ur great group , when I read what u wrote in it , you don’t know how I feel comfortable about this, islam is the source of all evil in the world
I really happy that the American finally realized the great dangers of Islam the hate in it
threat of Islam is not a new thing we live in it for 1400 year when they take our land in Egypt the Coptic are the original people of Egypt and for over 600 year all Egyptian was Christians until the Muslims invasion
"sorry for my bad English"

free kimi
"kimi = Egypt in Coptic"

Anonymous said...

view video of the Muslim mob's riots

Christopher Logan said...

I have spoken to many Coptics and they all share the same horror stories of Islam. Thanks for your kind words and please email me any info on the fate of the Coptics in Egypt that you can. My email is located on the front page of this site.
Thank you and stay safe.

Anonymous said...

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