Friday, September 19, 2008

Swift Plant Changes Mind and Tells Muslims no.

The walk out staged by the non-Muslims at Swift Plant has worked, at least for now. As the Muslim employees were told that their demands were causing too much trouble and they would not be met any longer. I applaud the non-Muslims at Swift Plant for not allowing Islam to be imposed on them. As for the Muslims there, they need to learn to keep their religion to themselves or move to an Islamic country.

Plant Rejects Muslim Employees' Requests to Meet Prayer Needs

GRAND ISLAND, Nebraska — Managers at a Nebraska meatpacking plant have told Muslim employees, most of them Somali, that shift changes made to meet their prayer demands weren't working and would be ended.

Union president Dan Hoppes said Thursday that the workers reacted well to the news, but he didn't know whether they would walk out later in protest as they did Monday.

He and managers at the JBS Swift & Co. plant are still talking about meeting employee needs and maintaining plant production.

Workers were sitting down with managers for discussions before the second shift started Thursday afternoon.

Counterprotests by non-Muslim workers began Wednesday. They said the shift changes penalized them while favoring the Muslim workers.

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Anonymous said...

this is not an islamic nation and they also have to be INFORMED that they are not the only religion that does PRAYER and FASTING.
Everyone else accomodates a job and what their faith demands.

Anonymous said...

But they are the only religion that looks to impose on every one else.

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