Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Message to my Fellow Americans

Where we are.

Jackson Heights Queens NY

Where we are heading.

The UK

Please continue to speak up.


Anonymous said...

GRAPHIC!!!!Wonderful depiction
of here & now & there now; & here &

Anonymous said...

yes there are loopholes in the Government and what they allow, in both America and the UK, no doubt about it, as they say no one will take them in for torture if they speak out.They feel the Government and courts control everything.
Look up the Bradford riots in Northern UK and you will see what happens when the ordinary people have had enough, something the Muslims are not banking on.
Also look up Race Riots in Northern UK and Toxteth Riots.
Not the pushover you thought then ?


Anonymous said...

With regard to the second video; this is the sort of thing the UK government protect, free speech. Except it's not free. These Muslim crackpots run around spreading their filth. Yet when indigenous Christian Brits speak out, our voices are quelled. We're told we'll upset the Muslims. Oh dear. The poor Muslims. You'd imagine they weren't getting their say.

Had I seen that man ripping up a Union Flag, a symbol of a United Britain. I would have cried. It is criminal how our culture is being torn apart by these selfish pigs!

Christopher Logan said...

The governments of both the US and the UK are not protecting us when it comes to Islam. We have the preachers of hate here also.

Anonymous said...

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