Monday, September 1, 2008

Freedom of Religion~Islam Style

Road sign on a highway into Mecca (Saudi Arabia), stating that one direction is "Muslims only" while another direction is "obligatory for non-Muslims". Religious police are stationed beyond the turnoff on the main road to prevent non-Muslims from proceeding into Mecca.

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Anonymous said...

Beside thinking immediately, "What
non-Muslim would want to go there?"
The next thought, What happened to their sharing,like
inviting OUR children here into their Mosques & homes to pray,etc. to
see how "similar" their ways are?
Of course,even when they do that,
they do not allow THEIR children
to attend any of OUR Christian or
Jewish ceremonies.
It's all so clear--their rigid,unyielding intolerance--to those who would see.

Christopher Logan said...

It is always a one way street when it come to Islam.

Anonymous said...

This road sign shows clearly what the Muslim stance is.They see themselves as superior people, as Hitler's Germany did.
This shows what will eventually happen here if something is not done about it.
What the Muslims are really doing is making a bid to take over the world.Clearing it of those who did not meet their standards, Gays, Jews,and those who would not join their way of life. ie, praying and converting to Allah.
They need to be stopped, just as Hitler did, I doubt though if Muslims will ever be able to live properly as decent human beings and members of the International community. The Muslims will never be free of it and come out well, as the German's have.


Christopher Logan said...

In the end the Islamic way of life and ours will not mix. It will be their way or our way.

Anonymous said...

It will in the end come down to our way or theirs, which will I am sorry to say come in the not too distant future.


Anonymous said...

you Tube has now the following available.

undercovermosque The return

It is in 5 seperate parts.

This shows how easy going Islam teaching really is.

Regents park Mosque uk

Rob said...

How funny. Most public schools that have (secular) Jewish kids mixed with Christian and non-Christian kids never ever close for the Jewish holidays throughout the school year. For this we're appeasing a small number of Muslim kids in public schools full of kids who are not Muslim? Funny but stupid.

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