Sunday, July 13, 2008

Muslims, you Cannot Have it Both ways

We all see that people across the world are desperately clinging to the slim chance that "moderate" Islam will coming riding in on a white horse and end all the problems that the Islamic community is causing worldwide. But the truth is that "moderate" Islam has not come to the rescue for 1400 years. That is why we need to continue to speak up and force our governments to end Muslim immigration. Muslims cannot have it both ways, they get angry when we speak out against their religion and all the problems that it causes. Yet, they do nothing about it.

Lets put the violence in Islam aside and take something simple. Like the latest piggy bank ban. We see events like this happening more and more, as life as we know it is slowly being changed to suit Islam. What I want to know is, where are the Muslim groups speaking out against this ban? Muslims know that non-Muslims are sick of changing things to suit a religion they we do not belong to. So if they really wanted to be part of our countries and not just change it to suit them, why are the so silent?

Where are the Islamic protests, saying we are against the ban of piggy banks as non-Muslims do not find them offensive and many children love them as it is a tradition with children in non-Islamic countries? Where is the concern for our way of life? Here is a little friendly advice for Muslims. Either stop complaining about what offends you and showing no concern for what anyone else believes or wants, or do not complain as our voice against Islam gets louder. Like I said you cannot have it both ways.


Unknown said...

Sure they can, and they benefit either way when Sharia rules or from extra conciliatory treatment received by those who are loath to deal with anything other than fantasy based reality.
Muslims are muslims because they believe in having sharia as law and jihad.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they can have it both ways. If we don't like the way they are being privileged in the West and try to complain, they can threaten violence on the grounds we are not being "culturally sensitive" to their needs.

Hey Presto, our leaders will give in to their every whim.

Who says Muslims aren't clever!

Christopher Logan said...

Our so called leaders are failing us miserably. We have no choice but to continue to speak up, but finally the tide seems like it is slowly turning in our direction. With Italy leading the way.

SlantRight 2.0 said...

In Mohammedan dominated lands there is little difference in the actions of the so-called moderate and radical.

I suspect in the West many Mohammedans first immigrated to run away from such theo-political despotism; however Islamism is the primary ideology preached in mosques.

Thus in the West (especially Europe yet America is next) Islamism has blurred the line between moderate and radical. The existence of radical Mohammedanism and the lack of protest from the so-called moderates in the West should force Western governments to re-examine immigration of Mohammedans.

For instance if a loyalty oath to be committed to Western Constitutionalism is not forth coming, the immigrant should be stamped denied.

If an immigrant (especially a non-citizen) cannot pass a loyalty oath, the deportation should be stamped.

I know it is not Politically Correct; however if a group of people use a religion to undermine Liberty and Freedom, the paradigm toward that people needs to change.

Christopher Logan said...

Those were words that should be listened to.

LEL said...

They will continue to have it both ways so long as feckless western leaders in government and business cater to their demands.

eloivsdiablo said...

Muslims are programmed to think islam is perfect and it has perfect answers for everything. Islam maintains that muslims must unquestionably follow its tenets and shun everything that is opposed to islam, there's no place for criticism let alone a protest or voice against the banning of piggy-banks. Questioning islam is the biggest crime, punishable by death and they're content to stay the same and blame everyone but themselves. The muslim whining and insane multi-cultural changes taking place in the free world will continue because the lunatics running the asylum are satisfied with the zombie mindset, they do as they're told and breed like rabbits...

Anonymous said...

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