Monday, July 7, 2008

The Islamic Republic of Iraq Part 1

When I report this news, I do not mean any offense to the coalition troops fighting in Iraq. They are the greatest fighting force on the planet, but there is only so much that they can do. I caught the beginning of Bill O'Reilly tonight, the talking points segment. He said that Islamofascism in Iraq has almost been defeated. This is just not true. While attacks on our troops might be down, which is great. There are other disturbing aspects of Islam or Islamofascism as O'Reilly called it, taking place.

First off, there is the plight of the Christian community. Which has gone from a prewar estimate of approximately 1.3 million to about 700,000 now.(1) Many have fled the country and hundreds have been killed. Churches have been destroyed or abandoned out of fear.(2) These events are common across the Islamic world. Where Christians live as dhimmis(3) and have to hide who they are for their own safety. But the Muslims in Iraq have taken it one step further.

They have turned the clock back to the days of Mohammad. They are forcing the Christians that remain in Iraq to pay jizya.(1) Muslims call it protection money. But protection from who? It is extortion plain and simple, mafia style. Mohammad and his merry men forced this on Christians and Jews in return for not killing them. So many Christians were paying the jizya in Iraq, that it became a funding source for the insurgency. Some families used their entire life savings to make the payoffs. The payments have been said to have slowed down, as U.S. forces stepped in. But will that last when we finally leave?

Stay tuned for part 2.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Islam In Action blog:

Thanks for showing this incredibly almost unreported oppression. I get some Christian magazines, Barnabus Fund etc, and the tratment of EVERY other religion across the Muslim world, is unformally gangster and brutal.

Keep the info coming. Like the Gathering Storm, jihadwatch org, the religion of peace com, freedom net & Islammonitor org etc, I look forward to and depennd on sites like this, for the rather harsh facts of the matter.

God knows the MSM is largely bunk.

Few know or care about how Islam really treats people, including their own.

But then it's an extension of Islamic deception, and of their secret and true world which is totalitarian and fascistic by nature.

Colonel Neville.

Christopher Logan said...

Hey Colonel,

Why would the main stream media report this? You know how it works. Whatever happens to Christians is ok, including murder and extortion. But when someone just says something about Islam or a Muslim. The world stops.

Thanks for the kind words and thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for exposing this to the west. i am an (Iraqi) Assyrian Christian born and raised in Iraq and truly we are being treated as second class citizens. Even though we are the indigenous and original people of Iraq, because we are not Arab, Kurd and we do not follow the Muslim religion, we are discriminated against and have less rights then others living in Iraq. Please note that Assyrian Christian were one of the earliest converts to Christianity in the entire world. One thing we are surly proud of.

MC said...

I've been meaning to tell you for a long time, reading your blog for several months.....thank you for your excellent attempts at exposing the real Islam, the Religion of Death! Keep up the good work.

Bapakgila said...

While Bill O' Reilly, like all of the mainstream media, has turned a blind eye on the infiltration of radical Islam into western civilization, he has noted some of the progress in Iraq but alas, he refuses to tell the whole story because it might offend some of CAIR guests on his show. So why is the violence down, simple, they separated the Sunni's from the Shia and the America's simple patrol in between the neighborhoods making sure they are only killing themselves now. Of course like everyone else noted here, it's OK to kill any and all the Christians but then again, everyone else is already living under Sharia law, just read their "constitution. Democracy? I think now!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great story!! You never hear about
this terrible injustice!! Well ".how can they allow churches to be built when the religion is WRONG."Islam is open-minded as well as peaceful. Keep writing !!Your

Anonymous said...

I'm utterly disgusted by this story!!!
Why can't the government see this & expose it.Why can't our president,
the BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS??!! Instead he brings in thousands of Iraqis' to go to school free (who are they?,
What is their background?)
Keep exposing these travesties!!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!!!Sad & infuriating!!!!!!!
Your site is great!!!

ronyvo said...

All this and more is happpening in
Egypt to the Copts.
Muslims are kidnaping young girls rape them (this is halal in Islam) and force them into Islam. This is all with the blessings of the Egyptian government, who is a recipient of Billions of Dolars from the US.
At least the Iraqis have some protecton from our troops, not the case with the Copts.
There are 12-15 million Copts in Egypt.

Christopher Logan said...

All this while Bush, the so called Christian sits silently.

LEL said...

This is why we must stay in Iraq for the forseeable future.

Anonymous said...

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