Thursday, July 31, 2008

Christians Stuck in an Islamic Hell

As I surf the net I see many Christians standing up for the ideology of Islam. Most of them have not done any research on Islam. They have been told by Muslims, that Islam is a religion of peace. Well if that were true then why are Christians and Jews being persecuted across the Islamic world? Christians need to see Islam for what it is, a dominating ideology that if not stopped will kill and torture millions of more Christians, then eventually destroy the religion of Christianity. Christians need to end their silence and think of the fate of their families future generations. Especially since the Islamic population in our countries continues to grow. The persecution of Christianity has already started in the U.K. In just a two day period let us look at what has happened to Christians stuck under Islamic rule.

Somalia 7/28/08 A Christian convert was shot to death with a AK-47 by two Muslim men. The reason....all because he would not face Mecca when praying. When his wife heard the news of her husbands murder she went into premature labour and gave birth to a stillborn baby.(1) The Somali constitution discourages the promotion and propagation of any religion other than Islam.

Jakarta Indonesia 7/28/08 A Protestant school in Jakarta was stormed by a mob of Muslims injuring 265 students. Many with head injuries and others burnt by Molotov cocktails.(2)

Iran 7/29/08 16 Christian converts were arrested and some beaten. The crime was converting to Christianity.(3) Funny how Muslims always tell us that Islam is a religion of tolerance, but the actions of Muslims always show the opposite. A bill has gone to Parliament there calling for the death penalty of anyone who leaves Islam. Such freedom.....

Please forward this to at least one Christian who is not aware of the persecution of their Christian brothers and sisters.

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Bos'un said...

I put it over at my blogs and casually mentioned the content at Hannity. Good job. Thanks for keeping the spotlight shining on the Religion of Peace, Religion of Tolerance.......

Christopher Logan said...

Good work on spreading the word. It is a shame that one cannot speak freely on Hannity's forum.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a supporter of Christianity, but I think the mistreatment of non-Muslims by Islam is simply atrocious, and Christians should NOT be supporting this despicable cult of death by any means. In fact, they should be fighting it tooth and nail, to the point of legality, of course.

In order to insure that Western civilization is not destroyed, ALL Americans need to battle mightily to protect their constitution.

Christopher Logan said...

Our Constitution and democracy are a joke to Muslims.

Anonymous said...

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