Saturday, January 10, 2009

Norway:Islamic Riots

On a daily basis the Islamic community continues to show the world how well they
assimilate. Watch at the 3:00 mark how the brave Islamist attacks an older gentleman from behind.

Hat tip to Eve.


Mitch said...

It is the same problem across the world.

Tonto said...

Perfect opportunity to round up the peckerheads and deport them. The sooner the various governments being subjected to this crap get that idea in their heads, the better.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me there are some who think if there is violence somewhere in the world that offends them, then they will bring unprovoked violence to everyone else.
When Israeli's are shot at w/ rockets & mortars, Jews or others around the world do not violently protest in other countries around the world.
So long as the western world just accepts this, we will have a problem. It is uncivilized for these riots & attacks in other countries to happen. It shows these people are uncivilized & as such makes many think they should be treated accordingly.
The rioters are offended by Israeli actions. "I" and millions of others are offended by the unprovoked attacks in other countries, including my own. If you want a fight, go to the middle east. Otherwise, many of us plan to start pushing for your incarceration for crimes & for deportation w/o a hearing since you have demonstrated you cannot be trusted among civilized peoples.

JDL Michigan said...

People around the world must realize that these Muslims are animals and have no heart and a non-functioning brain. They're not even human either. They need to be stopped or else Judeo-Christian roots will be destroyed.

Grace Explosion said...

I watched it. They attacked him and it seemed like two different guys said "jihad" twice... as they attacked him.

Vikki said...

I was there taking pictures. Not so much an Islamic riot as it was angry teens with various religious and ethnic backgrounds on a mission to be as destructive as possible. Sad. However, they are not screaming Jihad, but "Children-killers"...

Anonymous said...

after vikki's comments all you anti-islam biggots should bury yoir head in shame over your lies and hate and racism and your evil ideas about other humans.

Christopher Logan said...

It is clear what they were doing in the video. Save the excuses, and excuse making Muslims like you who do not say one word about the actions in the video are part of the problem. Islam is not a race.

Vikki said...

Christopher, I see you deleted the comment you posted to me. I was there, and therefore I am just giving you the facts of this particular demonstration. Police have stated later that half of the people taken into custody were under 18, even as young as 13. Also, a majority are known to the police and have criminal records, and have little or no real connection to the palestinian community in Norway.

Since you state that you have extensively studied Islamism in all its forms, I am sure you know about the concept of mass suggestion.

Still, I am not going to deny the fact that there also were very violent fractions of adults, who were clearly provoking and firing up the situation, basically pouring gasoline on the fire (literally with molotov cocktails and fireworks)

Regardless of what you think of the situation, the majority of the comments to this post are unrelevant to the video, narrowminded and uneducated. It would not hurt anyone here to watch BOTH CNN and AlJazeera to get both sides of the story.

Please people, educate yourself!

Christopher Logan said...

Vicki I did not delete anything.
1.You saying that they have criminal records does not excuse what they were doing. Them have no connection to the PA also means nothing. They are still part of the Islamic threat.

2.Please save the excuse of mass suggestion. They are responsible for their actions.

3.The comments are related to the worldwide problem of Islam I do not appreciate you coming here and insulting my readers. We have all seen the Islamic propaganda machine AJ and we are smart enough not to be fooled by them.

4.We here do not live in the leftist fantasy world that there will be some middle ground or that the Islamic community is the victim. They are clearly pushing their agenda on Europe and here you are making excuses for them....

5.Muslims are on a worldwide jihad and being open to Islam is just plain foolish.

Anonymous said...

Here is Vicki the 23 year old leftist who obviously knows nothing about 1400 years of Islamic history. Islamists love the naive.

Anonymous said...

I just saw that this was broadcast on AJ.

Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi On Al-Jazeera Incites Against Jews, Arab Regimes, and the U.S.; Calls on Muslims to Boycott Starbucks and Others; Says 'Oh Allah, Take This Oppressive, Jewish, Zionist Band of People... And Kill Them, Down to the Very Last One'

Vikki said...

Well, it only seemed to me that people here were generalizing. I was just trying to explain to you the situation here in Norway. I have no interest in making excuses for Islamism or fundamentialsm, and I have many of the same concerns as you. Still, I do not believe in such narrowmindedness I saw in these comments. This can be an endless discussion - I'll keep following your blog - Hopefully I'll discover the intellectual base of it, instead of just these petty comments.

Christopher Logan said...

Your insulting elitist attitude is not necessary. When it comes to Islam and Muslim immigration, there is nothing to be opened minded about. We see the threat and watching AJ does not change a thing, neither will negotiations.

Have a good day.

allen jensen said...

Vickie, you make an important point. I believe that we must not let the situation allow us to be hateful. My family is danish and my father went to england and flew with their air force against the nazis. He did not have any animosity toward them. He was fighting for his freedom. We in the west now face the most hateful culture since the nazis. I could give you lots of examples, but the point is that we cannot allow large populations of a hateful race (sadly it is not only a few bad apples)to change our societies.Sverige will soon have its own gaza to deal with in Malmo, and the same for most nations in the west. The muslim community will change laws to reflect their beliefs. Did you know that in most muslim nations people are executed for converting to christianity? As their populations grow our societies will become more islamic in its attitudes and its laws. The majority of us are not racist or hateful. The irony is that the muslim communities are using our freedoms and liberalism to destroy the west. What do you think the growing muslim populations will do for norway? Will norway be a better place? I myself would be too scared to go to parts of kobenhavn I used to walk in. It is a sad future for scandinavia which used to be such a hygge land.

Christopher Logan said...

Hi Allen,
Welcome to the site, if you have any updates from Europe please email them to me on the front of the site.


Anonymous said...

only update is that I misspelled Vikki's name-sorry and my own it is allan. my keyboard is not functioning correctly so if I type anything fast it comes out wrong and I need to edit. allan jensen

Anonymous said...

only update is that I misspelled Vikki's name-sorry and my own it is allan. my keyboard is not functioning correctly so if I type anything fast it comes out wrong and I need to edit. allan jensen

Anonymous said...

Dear Vikki

I am from India and am concerned about the rising islamofasicim. Believe this if nothing else, women have to wear the veil,
no schools for girls,
no medical treatment for women unless it is by a lady doctor, but women can't work so wonder where one finds a lady doctor
a raped women will be stoned to death unless she produces 4 male winesses or 8 women as witnesses
Gays hanged
Would you or your loved ones like to live in this environment ? if yes continue with support for islam or else the decent thing would be to shut up. Sites like these are jewels say quite and look where Hitler led us. All politicians are morons it is for us to clear the mess. if you europeans think you can achieve this without loss of blood, dream on, Idia has shown the way Gujarat 2002...Follows us and Islam is wiped out...else you will be wiped out

Anonymous said...

Hello Indian Anonymous Scum

I think u pray to Narendra Modis Lingam in the Morning . Does he provide your starving family with his premium tatti . Get lost & get a job ,then get a life .

But B4 that get the F@@k outa this Blog

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