Friday, January 9, 2009

NC:Chabad House Vandalized

During the night either Islamic cowards or their leftist supporters have vandalized a Chabad House in North Carolina. Apparently the police there have not turned on the news in the past two weeks, as they have stated that they do not suspect any anti-semitism, "just teenagers". N.C. is also the home of a new Mosque, where a Mosque leader believes that non-Muslims should pay jizya, a special tax to Muslims.

CHARLOTTE, NC [CHI] — Wednesday morning, the Shluchim to Charlotte, NC found their their Chabad House vandalized. Windows were shattered, objects were broken and tossed about. The Lubavitch Education Center of North Carolina, run by Rabbi Yossi and Mariashi Groner, had apparently been vandalized overnight. The situation doesn't seem to be serious, however the incident was reported to the Police, who don't suspect any anti-semitism, 'just teenagers'.

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The Munz said...

two items you may be interested in Chris

Dinah Lord said...

"just teenagers"

And I'm Princess Grace.

Anonymous said...

It looks bad all over Europe. Things seem to be coming to ahead.

Christopher Logan said...

The entire links did not fit, would you please email them to me on the lower left hand side of the site?


Anonymous said...

Just Teenager you moron

Know what? If you really dare to the truth, why don't you go and visit some muslim blog like this. Hell Israel, Hail Islam!

Yid With Lid said...

Thanks for letting me know. I fixed the post and the link is
If you still want to read the article.


Christopher Logan said...

Got the email, I will use the one about the Christians, the other I put up last night.

Thanks buddy.

On my way Yid.

Christopher Logan said...

I will not go visit because talking to Muslims is a waste of time, as it changes nothing.

Anonymous said...

Muslims are a waste of time full stop.

Anonymous said...

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