Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kosovo: Christian persecution video of Church being burned down by Muslim mob.

The persecution of Christians continues in Islamic countries but that seems to be ok with the Bush administration. Bush fully supports the independence of Kosovo. Which creates another Islamic state. Christians and Jews are persecuted in Islamic states across the world and Bush is only encouraging more Muslims to want their own states.

Watch the video of a Church being burned down by the Muslim mob. Then read the testimony below.

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From ACT.
Note what former US Ambassador Thomas Patrick Melady, who testified on the rampant Jihad in Kosovo at the Congressional hearings in August 2005, said at a press conference that followed:

Those attending the Aug. 11 press conference, and a follow-up congressional briefing on Aug. 12, expressed disappointment over the lack of media coverage of the church destruction. “I’ve been quite disappointed,” Melady told Cybercast News Service, “It wasn’t a major headline story.”

He compared the destruction to Kristallnacht, or “the Night of Broken Glass” — the Nazi-sponsored violent persecution against German Jews launched on Nov. 9, 1938. Gangs of Nazi youth fanned out into Jewish neighborhoods vandalizing and burning Jewish property and businesses, including 101 synagogues.

The official Nazi government response at the time was that such outbreaks were spontaneous, not organized. In the Kosovo situation, analysts are also expressing doubt over a similar line touted by the government.

Referring to the destruction of 34 churches in March of last year Melady said, “Thanks to a few amateur films that were made when the protests broke out, we can see how things unfolded. At all the scenes someone would climb to the top and tear down the cross, then stomp on it. Then they would set fire to the church.”

We need to call out local reps and voice our opinion on this matter.
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