Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sharia, Sharia and MORE Sharia Part 1

As we all know Islamic countries across the world practice different aspects of Sharia Law (Islamic Law). These practices include stoning for adultery like in Iran. The chopping off of limbs for theft like practiced by our so called friends the Saudis. Sharia Law also has a very strict sentences for blasphemy of Islam. The critics of Islam or Mohammad can actually be sentenced to death. (That be us!!) We all saw how Muslims across the world went absolutely nuts over those Mohammad cartoons. Well I for one will not change the way I live or what I say to please Islamofascists. I am not a Muslim and will NOT live by THEIR rules.
The BIG problem is now they are calling for Sharia Law in our non Islamic countries. In our backyard!! Our over politically correct govt has opened the door for the Islamos. They have opened Pandora's box.

Foolishly approved by the The Second Court of Appeals of the State of Texas. This court will be used for divorces if both parties agree. But common sense tells us that Muslims that want Sharia will not stop here. Why would they? This is just the first step, they will eventually want all their court cases handled in Sharia Courts.

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2.Here we have a U.S. judge allowing Sharia Law to be applied in a U.S. court case.

Islamic Law Applied In US Courts For The Saudis

PROFESSOR Fadel wrote for States of Islam last year. The case was in a NJ federal courts where two corporations had agreed to use Saudi-Sharia law to decide disputes.

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This will over course lead to what is happening in the U.K. Sharia Courts are opening across the U.K. With one already handling over 7000 cases!! Muslims there are doing this without the approval of the U.K. govt. Showing that they do not give a damn about the laws of the U.K. Which is not surprising as religion is their life.

3.UK: Sharia "Crime Courts" Already Operating in Britain....
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What will happen here when Muslims here start calling for complete Sharia Law? Will we have two laws in our land? Eventually the laws will clash, as it is impossible to have both laws because they contradict.

And lastly since the door has been opened. Muslims in the U.K. say there will be no compromise. They want FULL Sharia Law.

MUSLIM radicals have demanded Sharia law across Britain “without compromise”.

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Stay tuned for part 2.


Unknown said...

A nice site that has a great deal of fiqh directly from the reliance of the traveler .
Objecting to genocide and oppression is not hate or bigotry no matter what anyone says .
The price of liberty is not gullibility

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