Sunday, February 1, 2009

Group Protests Islam Outside Tampa Mosque

Over the past few years it is clear to see that more and more non-Muslims are waking up to what Islam brings to the West. Now we are starting to see some people taking it up a notch and hitting the streets with protests and billboards against Islam. Everyone who is speaking out and protesting is part of the solution, I applaud you all.

Group Protests Islam Outside Tampa Mosque
January 31, 2009

More than 20 people from a "biblical group" gathered Saturday outside the Islamic Society of Tampa Bay Area, 7326 E. Sligh Ave., with signs and a bullhorn to denounce the religion of Islam.
Members of the group engaged in a "spirited debate" with Muslims inside the mosque, but the encounter was peaceful, according to officers with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. The demonstration, which began around 12:30 p.m., ended about 30 minutes later.

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Roger said...

A full 20 people showed up, WOW!! that is quite a turnout.

So, after the 30 minutes in the mosque, did they all convert to Islam as so many Christians have in recent years, once they were shown the truth that has been hidden from them for so many centuries?

Grace Explosion said...

After the awful protests in Florida where Muslims called for the genocide of Jews - I'm glad they were protested. Let them go to Iran or Iraq or Kuwait or some Muslim nation. We are a Western civilization that the Islamics so hate and want to conquer and destroy. The Koran is the book for domestic enemies of all that freedom stands for.

We need to ship Muslim Obama back to Indonesia where he's a real citizen.

Anonymous said...

Allahu Snakbar!!!1

Anonymous said...

Mohammed was a pedophile.
And a murdering thief.
Allahu Snakbar!!

Christopher Logan said...

20 is better than none.

Anonymous said...

waw thanks to your founding fathers muslims in america are not going anwwhere now they are 5 mil next 5 years they will be 10 mil not becouse they are violent but becouse it is pure religion ,and do you know that abraham lincoln has a koran in his desk

Anonymous said...

It's a start!!! ANON, mabybe Lincoln kept the Koran on his desk to remind him of the danger contained in it. Maybe he knew what other great men knew about Islam.Chris, do you have some quotes handy, can't find mine, off hand? id

leadpb said...

Anon. @ 10:23

People may lay down for Islam and its belligerent and arrogant proponents but the Constitution will not. When push comes to shove-- and it will because the Koran mandates global dominance-- those who can see and utilize the Constitution for the brilliant document that it is will, under its aegis, take whatever measures necessary to restrict and abate this political religion in order to protect our nation. Remember it was written at the time that Europe and America were fighting Muslim aggression on the Barbary Coast.

Do you think you are protected as a special religious class by U.S. law? Laws can and do change. Do you think those rights are unlimited? Courts can surprise us in setting limits. Or that the endurance of the American infidel is unlimited?

It is in your hands. I suggest you consider returning to your beloved homelands and make your peace there, with fellow Muslims and anyone else you can resist the urge to kill or subjugate.

Sepratationism is the only humane option. The questions are how and when.