Friday, July 11, 2008

Out of the Closet

I would like to inform the readers that I now will be using my real name Christopher Logan instead of Exposing Islam. When I first started researching and speaking about the problems that Islam brings to the world, I used Exposing Islam just as an Internet nickname.
Most of you know, but not all, that I was an administrator and moderator at Jihad Chat since the board was opened. I recently stepped down to spend more time on my blog. The blog has really started to take off and I am looking to target an even wider audience. So I believe that using my name instead of a nickname will make that easier. I will also be upgrading to, in the near future.
Thank you all for your support and everyone one of you should pat yourselves on the back, for doing the job that our government will not do, expose Islam.


Bapakgila said...

Many thanks for coming out and introducing yourself. Since you are displaying your courage, I would like to do the same. My name is David Watkins but I have been writing blogs under the name of Bapakgila and even writing articles on Islam under the name of Bapakgila due to the fact that I was living in Muslim countries for a period. Anyway, I also have a couple of blogs called

and also have a unused domain named but alas due to my lack of web publishing skills, it remains unused. The reason I am telling you this is not to drive traffic to my embarrassing blog, but because not only do I like your web site and forum, I hope I can be a positive factor and maybe contribute more in the antijihad community. At the least, thanks for giving us a little insight to you and I hope to see you online one of these days.!!!

Exposing Islam said...

Hi David,
I have stopped by your blog in the past and today also. There is no reason to call it embarrassing. There is a lot of good information there. It is always interesting to here stories from non-Muslims who have lived in Islamic communities.

Keep up the good work.

Debbie said...

Best of luck on the new site. I hope all goes well now that you have outed yourself. Stay safe.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Exposing Islam said...

Thanks Debbie.
Stay free, don't convert. Lol!!

Great site by the way.

ColonialMarine said...

Good Luck! Looking forward to your blogs!

Russ Smith
ColonialMarine0431 from

cc la femme said...

Hiya Chris (short form ok by you guy?)

And Hiya to David also. Loved your blogs.

You know us as Canadian Couple. I have lately mainly been using cc la femme as I do most of the typing ..... and I have observed it really gets to those wannbe males to get beat up by a ... OMG ... woman. As you know, Chris, we did the FFI thing a ways back a lot, some UAC, currently working some "local neutral" sites which had been literally run by Mo's little helpers. Today that is not true, lol. Havn't seen "Religion of Peace" canard, formerly every post, in months!! (lead balloons, when challenged, don't fly well as you already know)

I admire the courage of both of you, need a bit of time to think about "coming out" ourselves. Gotta think a bit, as have really ruffled some local Mo's helpers bigtime.

Will be back and have placed both of your blogs on our hotlist already.

Love the name "StopIslam" by the way David!!

Best, you are doin great, will return.

cc la femme, aka Canadian Couple.

Exposing Islam said...

Hey, the old gang is here. CM and CC.

Chris is fine.

Thanks to CM and thanks for your service.

CC, you two have been kicking ass all across Canada. LOL!! I like the idea of hitting the local sites. Muslim men CANNOT take getting a verbal beating by a woman. I love when Bridget Gabriel is on TV and she debates with a Muslim man. They have no shot with her, she eats them alive. LOL!!

Miles said...

Hi Chris Ya did it ! well good for you ! I'm behind ya 1000%.I have posted your site at a few other sites.I see others here we know and love a big hello to ya all.Keep up the fight you are doing awesome buddy!

Exposing Islam said...

Hi Miles,

I know you got my back, and thanks for spreading the blog around. I have been getting a lot of positive responses.

ronyvo said...

Hello Chris
All what I can say I AM PROUD OF YOU and all people llke you, who got the courage, devotion and itelligence to recognise the HUGE danger our country is facing AND DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

You know my history via my writing in jihadchat.

Good luck and God be with you, brother.

Exposing Islam said...

Ronyvo my brother,

Thanks for the kind words and no one knows more about the threat of Islam then you. People would be wise to read your posts.

Keep up the good work.

firebase said...

Staying steadfast in your Mission, and never giving quarter to the enemy is an admirable trait!!

We have been enlightened with your acquaintance and writings at Firebasefreedom for sometime.Its not easy to operate in an AO that seems full of traps and hurdles....but all I can say is to stay focused and true to your Mission.


Exposing Islam said...

There's my buddy Firebase. A true warrior, who has served our country and is helping educating the country on Islam.

Keep up the good work brother.

ChristianNanna said...

Wow, another site I can continue learning from. I hope ya don't mind an Aussie amongst you. I have been an avid reader of a few different sites..dunno if I can name them...but they are all along the same road. All exposing islam for what it really is. All I can do is pray that the aussie govt wakes up to its self b4 its too late like in the UK or the States among other places. Thankyou and keep up your good work for bringing the truth to light. Regards...Diane Johnson (real name) I had to create a blog site to be able to post here…all I need to do now is learn what they are all about..any hints/advice would be most grateful.

Christopher Logan said...

Christian Nanna,
Hello and thanks for dropping by. Sure, people from Oz are more then welcome here. It is always interesting to hear what is going on in other countries. I was a fan of Mr. Howard, he was a strong leader. Check your email.

Anonymous said...

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