Thursday, July 10, 2008

Italy: Mosques must recognize Israel

Italy continues to show the Islamic community who the boss is, them cracking down on Islam is becoming a weekly event. Makes me proud to be an Italian.

Italy: Mosques must recognize Israel
Thu, 10 Jul 2008 23:06:16

Italy may take its discriminatory practices to a new level, calling for measures to make mosque leaders quit unless they recognize Israel.

Action must be taken so that mosque supervisors recognize Israel, said European Affairs Minister Andrea Rochi.

We must force those who do not recognize Israel to leave the mosques, he added, according to Italian news agency Il Tempo.

Criticism has been leveled at Italy as it has failed to end fingerprinting gypsies as part of a census program, despite a European Parliament (EP) recommendation to stop.

Many Muslims around the world do not recognize Israel, saying the United Nations had no right to allow the establishment of a state in a land that has long belonged to the Palestinians.

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Anonymous said...

Air Setitik Community said...

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Hey, Muzzards,

"Allah" is not the Real One.

"Allah" was one of ~360 pagan gods who was used by that murderous scum bag pedophile murderer Mohammed (Piss Be Upon Him) to legitimize his murderous criminal activities.

The Kwhorean, "Allah" and Mohammed are all fakes.

And ~1.2 Muslim dumbasses fell for all that lying crap. Morons!

Shame on all of you.

Swedish Steel

Exposing Islam said...

Swedish Steel,
It is refreshing to see more and more Europeans speaking up. As Muslims have done nothing but take advantage of your hospitality.

Obviously he did not even read what this site was about, before he posted his link.

EyesOnly said...

Exposing Islam,
my mantra has long been an American sea change in foreign policy, something that Italy seems to be toying with.

In my notion, America should sanction or refuse trade with any nation that does not:
1. recognize Israel's right to exist within its current borders;
2. renounce terrorism and make terror recruiting a capital crime;
3. pass laws and issue fatwas that permit human beings to practice whatever religion they choose, without either persecution or punishment of any kind;
4. make it a crime to harbor weapons or terrorists in religious structures or compounds;
5. pass laws and fatwas granting women equal political and social status;
6 pass laws and fatwas forbidding the practice of female sexual mutilation.

This sums up what I believe should be the response to modern day Islam in the United States, and in the West.


Exposing Islam said...

Those are some very good ideas. Just like when Islamic countries boycott Israel, we should do the same to them for not recognizing Israel and then hit them in their pockets for the rest of the BASIC rights you call for. We have to get away from Saudi oil though, before we can truly confront Islam.

miles said...

Is this ware we want to be? all free nations should make the same stand as Italy.Look what is going on across the pond. we are next. we need to act fast and now..." from lionhearts blogg.. We must decide where we stand because Civil War is inevitable because the Islamic religion has commanded it and is being led by the likes of Choudry and facilitated by the British government.

I have been arrested for this blog, on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred because of my views and opinions towards Moslems. The British State with the laws they have implemented into our society and their personal Gestapo are facilitating Islam’s Holy War against the British people by seeking to silence a voice of ‘truth and reason’ at all costs.

It was me yesterday, Glen and others today, and you tomorrow! ....Get them out they are eating us alive from the inside out!!!

Exposing Islam said...

That sure is scary what happened to him. But what I want to know is why is the British govt shoving Islam down the throats of its citizens who are clearly against it. Are they just foolish liberals? Why don't they listen to the people and what they want? I can see the British National Party eventually taking over there.

They will immediately address the problem. It is amazing that Muslims just have no respect for anyone else.

Cassandra said...

Italy's brave action against their Islamic population illustrates how much easier it would be to bring this death cult to its knees if we all in the free world were to unite.

Instead we have the media and much of academia betraying democracy by supporting Islamists.

Still, there is a huge upsurge in grassroots action and eventually that must filter upwards to our pathetic leaders.

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