Saturday, July 26, 2008

Judge Tosses Savage's Suit Against Islamic Group

Teflon CAIR walks again.

Sat Jul 26, 6:09 AM ET

SAN FRANCISCO - A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage against an Islamic civil rights group over its use of a portion of his show in which he called the Quran a "book of hate."

Savage sued the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, for copyright infringement and racketeering lawsuit late last year, claiming the group violated his rights by using a segment of his "Savage Nation" show in a letter-writing campaign to get advertisers to boycott the program. In the broadcast used by CAIR, Savage also called the Muslim holy book "a throwback document."

In her ruling Friday, U.S. District Judge Susan Illston said people who listen to a public broadcast are entitled to use excerpts for purposes of comment and criticism. She also said no evidence was presented to show that advertising on the show's broadcast was affected by CAIR's actions.

The racketeering element of the lawsuit alleged that CAIR was not a civil rights group, but a political organization with ties to terrorist groups. CAIR denies those claims, saying it opposes terrorism and religious extremism.

In an interview with The Associated Press after he filed the lawsuit in December, Savage said he was referring to Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his violent brand of Islamic extremism in the broadcast, not about the religion in general.

Savage's attorney, Daniel Horowitz, told the San Francisco Chronicle he plans to file a new racketeering suit.

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Anonymous said...

Savage didn't expect the 9th Circus Court to rule in his favor.

This case will likely go all the way to the Supreme Court.


Tony Kondaks said...

For anyone who loves freedom, the defeat of the Savage lawsuit is a cause for celebration.
Savage hookwinked us all by telling us that this lawsuit was a cause for free speech. Yeah, it was about free speech but it was CAIR's free speech that was being infringed, not Savage's. Indeed, if Savage had prevailed, first amendment rights would have lessened for all of us.
America is such a great country that we even extend free speech to questionable organisations like CAIR.
Michael Savage is an ENEMY of free speech:

Christopher Logan said...

CAIR is the one who threatens to sue anyone who criticizes them or Islam. CAIR is for Sharia law and an Islamic America. Therefore they are the enemy. To allow enemy propaganda in your own backyard is just foolish. Just imagine in the future when we have Islamic preachers of hate across the country and more and more naive people buying into their ideology. What happens then? You rot a way from with in, is what happens.
I have no concern for the rights of those who want to impose Sharia on my families future generations. We had no concern for the Nazis back in the day, but in this politically correct age of weakness, some of us sympathize with the enemy. Not me.

Oh yea, if you look around the world. People are losing their right to freedom of speech, because of ISLAM. Wake up.

Christopher Logan said...

I just looked at your site. Look at all the trouble you took to support the enemy. The country needs less people like you. Go stand at the podium at the next CAIR press conference.

Cassandra said...

CAIR and civil rights - that's a contradiction in terms! CAIR is simply a Hamas front group, and as we know, Hamas is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In the name of tolerance, do we allow terrorist-supporting groups like this free access into our society, where the disaffected and the vulnerable can be influenced by their racist anti-democratic ideas? Do we allow Nazis and the KKK to spread their venom with impunity?

There has to be a line in the sand - otherwise, our freedoms will disappear and we'll become subjugated under Islam, a system which treats Muslims as people, and non-Muslims as humiliated, despised others, who must pay a heavy tax if they are allowed to live.

5-Pillar Scribe said...

These frivolous acts are designed to help him make more of a name for himself as an American hero; while he will get undeniable support from those who support the nationalistic effort to smear Islam. It is a selfish move of grandeur. Why does this man get more play for his hate mongering? It should be obvious, based on his own religious beliefts.

Christopher Logan said...

Speaking the ugly truth about Islam is the best thing that can happen to this country. Islam is a dominating ideology that cannot coexist with other ideologies. But then again your comments are not surprising coming from a Muslim.

Watch as our voice gets louder.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


Keep up the good work in helping to raise folks awareness of the danger of Islam and it's apologists. A couple of your commentors to your post show their ignorance and arrogance along with their suicidal thinking. Poor Tony Kondaks and his tiny brain at his tiny url! With thinking like his, as demonstrated by his post, it's no wonder the CAIR apologist crybaby terrorist supporting group has such strength in the USA.

And 5 pillars is evidently an expert on frivilous lawsuits as evidenced by his whinning, his website, and his victimhood ("Nationaist effort to smear Islam"

Hey dude, Islam is it's own global smear upon humanity! *lol* Thanks for the laugh!

Christopher Logan said...

Lol!! Tony is in fantasy land.

Thank you friend.

Tony Kondaks said...

Christopher Logan:

You claim that Islam throughout the world is fighting against free speech.

I have no doubt you are correct.

But do you not realize that you are on the same side as CAIR on this issue? By supporting Michael Savage's lawsuit you are advocating the limiting of free speech, just as CAIR is.

I shouldn't be surprised, though. After reading your posts, Christopher, I realize that your opposition to freedom is widespread.

In addition to limiting free speech, you also want to limit other first amendement rights, such as freedom of religion. You write: "CAIR is for Sharia law and an Islamic America. Therefore they are the enemy."

CAIR can advocate for and work 24/7 for an Islamic America. That is their right just as it is for fundamentalist Christians who want a Christian America.

Are you for prohibiting fundamentalist Christians from pursuing their goals too? Or just those whom you disagree with?

Anonymous said...

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