Thursday, June 12, 2008

They see the Weak Spot/ Malaysia Calls for Sharia in U.K!!

As I have stated numerous times in the past. In the end Muslims will put aside their differences and stick together when it comes to their goal of world conquest. Now Malaysia whose official religion is Islam, is calling for Muslims to live under Sharia Law, in the U.K.! Are we in the West supposed to believe that Malaysia is an ally of ours? No way!! That is why we non-Muslims must do the same, to fight back. We need countries like the U.S., Canada, U.K., France, Italy, Australia, Germany and others to stand together to defeat the Islamic takeover of the world.

Malaysian president Abdullah Badawi calls for British Muslims to live under sharia law
By Jonathan Wynne-Jones, Religious Affairs Correspondent, In Kuala Lumpur
Last Updated: 5:58PM BST 09/06/2008
Muslim extremism in Britain will grow unless the Government and society learn to understand Islam, Malaysia's prime minister has warned.
Abdullah Badawi claimed that the legacy of Britain's imperial past has hampered its ability to appreciate its Islamic population.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, the prime minister urged Gordon Brown to allow the country's Muslims to live under sharia law, but also said that they must prove their worth to society.

His comments are set to fuel the debate over the role of Islam in Britain following the Church of England's attack on the Government for already giving more attention to Muslims than Christians.

A report, commissioned by the Church and published today, accuses ministers of paying only "lip service" to Christianity and marginalising the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches, while focusing "intently" on Islam.

However, Mr Abdullah argues that the Government must do more to ensure Muslims don't feel discriminated against if it is to tackle the rise of radicalism.

"The failure to understand Muslims is driving a divide between the communities," he said.

"Gordon Brown must encourage a better understanding because Britain must appreciate its Muslims."

Mr Abdullah argued that Britain needs to come to terms with being home to immigrants from countries that it used to rule over.

"The British Empire expanded in Asia, everywhere, throughout the Muslim land, through the land of Hindus and the land of Buddhists.

"When they were ruling it was different because they wanted it to be peaceful and to keep it peaceful they had to use diplomacy.

"Now maybe the Government thinks they can forget it. It doesn't matter."

He said that Muslims in Britain were more likely to be radicalised because they feel ignored rather than due to religious reasons.

"Is it because of poverty, social unrest, deprivation, feeling discriminated against, thinking people don't care much because of the

colour of their skin. The could make them to decide to be extremist, not necessarily because of his religion."

Mr Abdullah, who was talking on the eve of a landmark summit of world leaders, echoed the calls of the Archbishop of Canterbury earlier this year for Muslims to be able to live under sharia law.

"They should abide by the law of the land, but they should also be able to follow their religious observances and beliefs, to express their duty to God.."

The conference on the Muslim world and the West, "Bridging the Gap",

begins today with political and religious leaders encouraging a greater

commitment to solving the roots of the divisions.

The Malaysian Prime Minister acknowledged that Muslims must also play their part in proving their value as immigrants.

"If they want to be respected then they must do something for the community," he said.

"They must not be a liability. They have to be an asset."

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Anonymous said...

How come Hindus not demanding Ramarajaya as well as Buddhists not demanding Monastery rule in UK? Why Muslims are only having problems of racism, economic deprevation, cultural problems etc., This need be investigated upon. Further why a Malaysian PM should cry for UK citizens? Can India involve in Malaysia to give equality to Hindus at par with Malays? Why this double standard? Answers I am sure may be found in Islam.

Christopher Logan said...

You make great points my friend. How come Jews do not run around trying to ban pork? It is because most other people can live how they want and ACCEPT how others live. That is EXCEPT the followers of Islam. Their religion calls for the death of dominance of all non-Muslims. Then Muslims play the victim game, and scream racism. They earn nothing in the world. They ONLY take.

God bless the Hindus who have lost their lives in the name of spreading Islamic rule.

Anonymous said...

Stage 1:
Start immigrating - move into a country quietly

Stage 2:
Begin starting churches: "learning centers"
community helps: food etc.

Stage 3:
Political activism: demanding rights, denounce
derogatory comments/press etc.

Stage 4:
Get elected, pass laws favoring rights etc. move toward
political majority

Stage 5:
Political control, Sharia Law

Anonymous said...

Sharia law is being asked for at a High Level here in the UK, The Archbishop of Canterbury has also made comments in favour of Sharia law.
It was my countries understanding that Muslim immigrants were fleeing the atrocities caused by Sharia law and applications to seek refuge in the UK were made in order to flee this law, now we are being told that Sharia law is part of Muslim's identity and against their human rights to stop Sharia law from being set up here, no doubt Miss Chakrabarti will take up the high court case as soon as her already high court workload allows it.Laws being passed one at a time, to make it a Muslim country by the back door. The last straw would be a politically controlling Sharia law court.


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