Thursday, October 1, 2009

UN Fires US Diplomat for Afghan Poll Criticism

As usual the truth does not matter to the Islamic supporting United Nations. They clearly proved this last year when they banned all criticism of Islam in regards to human rights. All freedom loving nations should of pulled out of this joke of an organization a long time ago.

UN Envoy Fired for Afghan Poll Criticism

UNITED NATIONS – UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday, September 30, removed Peter Galbraith, a top US diplomat, from his post as deputy head of the UN mission in Afghanistan over criticism of the recent president vote.

"The secretary general has made this decision in the best interest of the mission,” said a statement issued by Ban's office in New York.

“He reaffirms his full support for his special representative, Kai Eide."

Peter Galbraith fell out with top UN envoy Kai Eide after taking a tough line on the August presidential election, which was marred by allegations of widespread fraud.

He had reportedly called for a complete recount of the vote, angering West-backed incumbent President Hamid Karzai, who preliminary results gave a 54.6 percent of the vote.

EU election observers have said that about 1.5 million votes - about a quarter of all ballots - could be fraudulent and that 1.1 million votes cast for Karzai are suspicious.

If enough of Karzai's ballots are nullified because of fraud that he no longer has 50 percent, he would face a run-off against former foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah.

Galbraith, a former ambassador to Croatia and ally of Richard Holbrooke, the US point man for Afghanistan and Pakistan, left Kabul two weeks ago after a quarrel with his Norwegian boss.

The row has exposed divisions among Afghanistan's Western backers over how to deal with the presidential election.

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