Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Italy Proposes Bill to end all Mosque Construction

Italy, the worlds leader in the fight against Islam attempts to take it up a notch and put a ban on Mosque construction. If this passes look for a call to end all Mosque construction to spread across Europe. As the Swiss have already looked to put an end to the Islamic calls to prayers being broadcast in their country. Muslims across the world use our freedoms against us in order to impose Islam on us. To fight back we are going to have to bend our constitutions and treat Islam unlike other religions, as it is a political movement as well as a religion. Either that or Muslims will eventually dominate us. Take your pick.

Italy's Northern League seeks to block new mosques
By Paul Bompard in Rome

Published: August 25 2008 03:00 | Last updated: August 25 2008 03:00

Italy's Northern League, the populist, xenophobic, sometimes separatist movement that is a key component of Silvio Berlusconi's governing coalition, has proposed new legislation which would in effect halt construction of new Islamic mosques.

The bill, which the League's chief of deputies Roberto Cota is expected to send to parliament next week, would require regional approval for the building of mosques. It would also require that a local referendum be held, that there be no minaret or loudspeakers calling the faithful to prayer, and sermons must be in Italian, not Arabic.

Chances of this being approved as it stands are slim, since it clashes with a number of constitutional rights and there was no immediate support from either Berlusconi's Forza Italia party or from the exfascist National Alliance.

But there has been cautious support from the small, ultra-Catholic UDC party, and the proposed anti-mosque legislation undoubtedly reflects widespread feeling among Italians that some defence against a rapidly rising Islamic presence is needed. At present, the Muslim population in Italy is estimated at 1m, with 258 registered mosques.

The Northern League, which theoretically favours the secession of northern Italy from the centre and south, won more than 8 per cent of the vote at the April general elections, and has always trumpeted defence of national values of the northern Italian "race" as the natural product of its homeland.

Without giving details, Roberto Maroni, the rightwing interior minister from the League, also said in April that "nomads" - as Italians call the Gypsies, although most do little roaming - who were not Italian citizens and did not meet conditions to stay would be deported to their "countries of origin".

The League has capitalised on a wave of xenophobia, of fear of crime committed by foreigners, and of preoccupation with illegal immigrants, which did much to help the Berlusconi alliance win the elections.

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Anonymous said...

The Northern League is Europe's finest political party. Not only is it good for Italy, it is also a beacon of hope to other European countries. One day our nations will need to implement such policies.

All people are NOT the same. All religions are NOT equal. Identity is NOT negotiable.

Muslims will never be Europeans. Islam is an abberation and should be removed from European soil.

Christopher Logan said...

If not stopped Islam will destroy Europe and the United States.

Anonymous said...

Considering what many feel is the insidious nature of Islam, such reprisal type reactions should be expected.
Few, in America, Europe, or elsewhere, want their national identities abolished or obscured by an identity that demands all others submit to its religious & political nature.
In America, separation of church & state is the norm, even though some would try to assert Christians are running the show. No matter because the real facts are, religious leaders do not dictate political policy in America. And this is also why we can never allow our constitution to be watered down by those who seek a living or breathing document.
If we have nothing in writing to adhere to or to lead us r count on, why have the documents at all & why have a system at all?

Anonymous said...

Muslims have been trying to overturn the U.S. Constitution and impose sharia law in America as well.

We all need to fight back ASAP.

The Truth About Islam

Anonymous said...

Gread article! Great comments---nothing to add but: BRAVO!!

Anonymous said...

Italy Proposes a Bill to end all Mosque construction,that is a good start for Italy.
The only solution is to stop them being built, and to demolish what is up.
This will be done in the end, it will have to be, as it is the ONLY way forward.
These places are a smokescreen for terrorists, and need getting rid of, ASAP.
I wholeheartedly agree.

Joan of Ark

Anonymous said...

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Luigi said...

If we have nothing in writing to adhere to or to lead us or count on, why have the documents at all & why have a system at all?

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Dan said...

Well few in America, Europe, or elsewhere, want their national identities abolished or obscured by an identity that demands all others submit to its religious & political nature.

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Anonymous said...

I think I would agree on this one.

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It can't actually work, I believe so.

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