Sunday, October 19, 2008

China's Islamic Crackdown has Begun

Several months ago I had predicted that there would be a huge crackdown on Islam in China. This was right after Muslims in China had bombed some buses there. Now the crackdown has begun as hijabs and Islamic beards have been banned, along with Muslims praying in public. Also students and government officials who are Muslims were not allowed to fast during the month of Ramadan as they were forced to eat. China has now joined Italy as the leaders in the worldwide battle against Islam . I doubt that many Muslims will be wanting to move to China anymore.

China Restricts Islam
CAIRO —With prayers banned in public areas, private hajj trips not allowed, teaching of the Noble Qur'an not allowed in private and students and government officials forced to eat during Ramadan, China in enforcing laws and regulations restricting the practice of Islam.

"Of course this makes people angry," Mohammad, a teacher, told The New York Times on Sunday, October 19.

"Excitable people think the government is wrong in what it does. They say that government officials who are Muslims should also be allowed to pray."

In recent week, Chinese authorities have enforced laws restricting the ability of Muslims in the northwestern region of Xinjiang from practicing their faith.

In Khotan, signs posted in front of the grand mosque say the weekly Friday prayer sermon must not extend beyond than a half-hour.

Prayers in public areas outside the mosque is forbidden and residents are banned from worshipping at mosques outside their town.

Under the rules, imams are banned from teaching the Qur'an in private and only official versions of the Qur'an are allowed.

Studying Arabic is only allowed at special government schools.

Government workers are banned from showing the slightest sign of religious devotion.

For example, a Muslim civil servant could be sacked for donning hijab.

Many of the rules have been on the books for years, but local authorities have publicly highlighted them in recent weeks with banners hanged in towns.

They began posting regulations mandating women not to wear hijab and men to shave their beards.

Uighur Muslims are a Turkish-speaking minority of more than eight million in Xinjiang, a northwest vast area that borders Central Asia.

Atheist China recognizes five religions — Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Taoism and Buddhism — and tightly regulates their administration and practice.

Official Hajj

Under the rules, two of Islam's five pillars – the Ramadan fasting and hajj – are strictly controlled.

Students and government workers are compelled to eat during the holy fasting month of Ramadan.

China has also revived a law prohibiting Muslims from arranging their own trips to Saudi Arabia to perform hajj.

Signs painted on mud-brick walls in the winding alleyways of old Kashgar warn against making "illegal" hajj.

"Implement the policy of organized and planned pilgrimage; individual pilgrimage is forbidden," reads a red banner hanging on a large mosque in Urumqi, the regional capital of Xinjiang.

Authorities have also confiscated passports of Uighur Muslims across Xinjiang to force them to join government-run hajj tours rather than their own trips.

Once a person files an application, the authorities do a background check into the family.

If the applicant has children, the children must be old enough to be financially self-sufficient, and the applicant is required to show that he/she has substantial savings in the bank.

To get a passport to go on an official hajj or a business trip, applicants must leave a deposit of nearly $6,000.

Now virtually no Uighurs have passports, though they can apply for them for short trips.

This has made life especially difficult for businessmen who travel to neighboring countries.

Critics say the government is trying to restrict contacts with world Muslims, fearing that could highlight the sufferings of Muslims in Xinjiang and possibly build pressures on China.

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Anonymous said...

Just as U.k, France, Italy and India should serve as a lesson to the free world on what appeasement of islam would do to their own countries, China should serve as a role model on how to 'reform' the Cult and bring its followers back to reason and sanity. I am curious what the "Official koran" mentioned in the article is? What suras have they modified and expunged form the terror manual? Perhaps some U.S publisher would want to sell translations of China's official version in the West. I hope the muslims don't trick us into showing sympathy for their brethren in China and thereby bring pressure on China.


Sebnalak said...

It looks like China is one of the few countries who has not been brainwashed into thinking the ideology called Islam is harmless. Eastern Asia on the whole mostly judges the facts instead of what is being told to them by certain parties. Although the Chinese methods are not always the most human, they are most of the time effective. I hope they will continue their efforts in spite of all the foreign pressure that is going to be put on them.

Christopher Logan said...

I would love to see China's official Koran. The must of been smart enough to delete certain verses.

When Italy started their crackdown on Islam I was thinking the same thing as you are with China. How would they respond to international pressure. So far I have seen no signs of Italy backing off.

Anonymous said...

I also would like a copy of China'a version of the koran.

Ah well, it serves Islam right.


Anonymous said...

Those poor poor muslims. It is time that they experience what they have wrought on innocent Jews, Christians, Hindu's and other religions.

Contrary to what they think, There are lots of humans who take serious issue with the idea that Islam is set to rule the world. Many of those people are starting to feel the level of irritation rise and are starting to fight back.

Many of those people, like myself are more than willing to give our lives in defense or OUR way of life, and will not lie down and submit.

If those poor muslims feel discriminated against, I am willing to bet China would let them immigrate to their beloved Saudi Arabia.

I used to think that China's policy of one child per family was not rational. . .in this case I see it is VERY rational.

Anonymous said...

China finally comes down on the right side of something.

Anonymous said...

Though I don't think that China is going far enough to deal with it's Muslim problem, they are to be congratulated on what they have done so far.

All countries of Europe should follow Italy's and China's lead in dealing with it's dangerous Muslim problem.

Alas, Europe's politicaians are generally cowards when it comes to dealing with the murderous political/religious cult of Islam.

None seem to have the courage of Geert Wilders of the Netherlands.

Swedish Steel said...

Is the source reliable? I have a hard time believing that people are being forced to eat during Ramadamadingdong. That would be labor intensive indeed. Do we know that this inst just a story concocted to get Muslims outraged? We all know how hard that is of course.
Some of it is believable but like the Danish Cartoons it sounds a bit like an Imam added one or two to get the desired effect. Also, what is Italy doing please I seem to be out of the loop on that one.

Anonymous said...

It is in the August archives on this blog, Italy have stopped Mosque construction and have bulldozed.


click on August at two or three down it starts

Christopher Logan said...

I doubt the Chinese govt was shoving food down their throats, but when they tell people to do something they usually listen.

Click on the word Italy in the article to see what they have been doing and here is another source for this article.

Christopher Logan said...


Adam Moses said...

We are from the Maldives. Just wanted to say that we love your site and have added to our links.

Christopher Logan said...

Thanks Adam, I will be checking out your site later today.
The more of us spreading the word the better.

Anonymous said...

China just gave me a good reason to like them.

Anonymous said...

We can only hope!!! It should
only happen here!

Anonymous said...

I must send a message of congratulations to the Chinese Government. To whom do I send it, the Embassy or direct to Bejing?

I will includ the words, 'China is now the leader of the war against political Islam'.

Time to embarrass the liberals in the US, AU, UK and EU.

mxew of seoul

Anonymous said...

As much as I dislike them, China, as well as Russia, know how to deal with Islam much better than the west. The muslims in Russia have been putting up severe resistance, but Russia has a heavy hand. China, typically it seems, are much more efficiant, although one wonders how much actually gets out to the world news media about attacks and crackdowns in China. We all know how they can be with freedom of information.

Christopher Logan said...

mxew of seoul,
China, Russia and Italy will never cave to Islamic rule.

Anonymous said...

On what grounds can you actually force someone to eat, when does not want to? Does this question reflect some kind of ultra-liberal stance of mine or what?

Christopher Logan said...

I doubt they physically force them to eat, they are probably too frightened to go against the government there.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how up to date this web page is but it has a lot of email addresses.

Contact details for the Chinese Embassy to the United States:


Christopher Logan said...

Thanks for that Radar Cat.

Fuckislam said...

I'm seeing china in a whole new light! maybe I'll take it off the "wont go there list"

Anonymous said...

Tell us how you really feel.