Monday, October 6, 2008

Brooklyn:Lawsuit Happy Muslim Busted With Terror Literature

For years I have telling people in the United States to look towards the United Kingdom to see what is coming our way in regards to Islam. It is obvious that suing organizations in the name of their religion and obtaining terror literature are common plays out the Islamic game plan. Just about a week ago I reported about the UK Muslim who is suing a supermarket because he had to handle alcohol while working there. This past weekend Brooklyn Muslim Hisham Khaleel, 35 was busted with fake id's, terror literature and he has a past history of suing organizations in the name of religious discrimination. No matter what part of the world you look at, the Islamic community brings us the same problems. Lawsuits, death threats and terror plots. When will the world wake up?

Hat tip to Robert the owner of the ~Vision-4-Freedom~ site.


Last updated: 3:39 am
October 5, 2008

Authorities busting a suspected ID thief in Brooklyn stumbled upon a possible terrorist nest full of al Qaeda news clippings, chemical manuals and weapons literature, sources told The Post yesterday.

Cops made the disturbing find Thursday evening after a landlord found the photocopied IDs inside the apartment of a former tenant on Classon Avenue in Prospect Heights and dialed 311.

The tenant, Hisham Khaleel, 35, had been evicted.

Responding officers found 13 copied licenses, all of which appeared to belong to customers from the Vanderbilt YMCA on East 47th Street in Manhattan, where Khaleel worked briefly as an unarmed security guard.

They also found news clippings about al Qaeda, literature on chemical purchasing and processing, an owner's manual for a Beretta handgun, a reference guide for modern airplanes, a video on rifle-shooting fundamentals and a sniper's manual.

Cops also uncovered lab glassware catalogs and a book, "Hostile Planet: The Essential Guide to Surviving Natural Disasters, Pandemics and Terrorist Attacks."

Khaleel's former co-worker Pierre Andre Leonard, 35, said the suspect worked for six months on the 3-11 p.m. shift.

"He didn't hang with the crew," he said, adding that Khaleel seemed to disappear one day.

Khaleel was awaiting arraignment last night in Brooklyn Supreme Court on charges of criminal possession of stolen property and unlawful possession of personal identification.

However, sources said the materials found in the apartment had piqued probers' interest, and a full-scale investigation was under way.

According to federal court filings, Khaleel has been a frequent - if unsuccessful - litigant.

A 2005 lawsuit against the staffing company Metro One Loss Prevention Services alleged that he had been discriminated against on the basis of his Egyptian background when he was let go.

The suit was dismissed, as was a nearly identical claim against the US Postal Service, where Khaleel worked from 2001 to 2004.

Additional reporting by Matthew Nestel

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EastPAWZ said...

There is not enough people in the wold to change anything... because most are asleep, believing the govt will take care of it.

They wont because war = profits.
If there is not war business owners will be sad and not make enough money to keep their pockets fat.

Muslims are wrong to enforce their beliefs on everyone else, but I will go down with a fight if it is imposed on me and my family.
I refuse to live on my knees.

Anonymous said...

The UK should be an example to the USA and a warning as to what is to come.We are living in a situation where suing and intimidation are everywhere.It is too late when you are forced to accept Islam, you must see the light now before you get into our situation.
At the smell of each new law that will be enforced on you, fight to stop it. Never give an inch.


Anonymous said...

Sharia Law will be next in the U.S and we will have to live like the U.K then.

Sharia Law will take over.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone has analyzed how expensive Muslim immigrants are compared to those of other faiths?

Muslims cost theor hosts a fortune by litigating against anyone who opposes them, claiming extraordinary levels of benefits (in the UK Muslims claim benefits for their wives - upto 4 at a time, plus kids) and they are four times more likely to end up in jail (in the UK).

You guys in the US are heading for the same iceberg that has hit the UK (and is slowly sinking it)... It's time to change course on Muslim immigration and appeasing Islam.

Islam is not a religion. In my opinion, it must be banned from public life altogether. As Christianity is in Saudi, Islam should be restricted to prayers at home. That is, mosques, halal, sharia and all Islamic influences on public life should be removed.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with what you have said. I would also like to add that Britain is heading to be just another fallen nation in fallen Europe, the Islamification of Europe rolls on with a relentless march, when Europe has fallen it will be the turn of the U.S, if we all don't wake up.

The economy is bad enough, without being bankrupt by expensive litigation, on both sides of the Atlantic. Muslims are professional litigation artists out to defeat us through the courts and use our own freedom and democracy to do it.

Our Freedom and way of life is being used to trap us and enslave us to Islam.


Rover Gear said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

The answer for the US is relatively easy. Stop immigration from Islamic nations now. Re entrench western classical liberal values of freedom and individualism. This will mean ending programs such as affirmative action of course which rely on exceptions to rational equality. So a good thing all around if the US has the courage to remember who founded it and why.

Kufr Akbar said...

We don't know much yet about Hisham Khaleel. But I agree the UK is the hub of Islamic supremacist intimidation of the English-speaking world.

Two practices you see again and again from all belligerent Muslim organizations: Sowing of discord and resentment among others, and wallowing in self-pity themselves. Look at CAIR, the Muslim Council of Britain, the Muslim clerics who incite riots, or the Muslim terrorists who incite mass murder. They all do it, constantly. Not one word of lip service to Islam will ever leave my mouth.

Christopher Logan said...

Most of our govt officials cannot tie their shoes with out help. That is why we must continue to speak out and hopefully force our govt to end Muslim immigration.

Also look at the high percentages of Muslims in prisons. Over 60% of the prison population in France are Muslims. This is all just wasted money. Between the lawsuits, welfare and prison costs, they are a drain on society.

You are correct. Putting an end to Muslim immigration is the answer. This way they will never build up enough strength to be a serious threat.

Kufr akbar,
If the Muslims take the UK, it will obviously be a huge victory for them. It will also encourage Muslims across the West to push for an Islamic West even harder.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Mr. Christopher Logan.

Anonymous said...

So this guy is just roaming our streets free now? No description, no information on his where abouts??

Anonymous said...

hi - came across your site and wanted to alert you to a blog with similar content... Creeping Sharia at

Christopher Logan said...

Hopefully the FBI is holding him.

Thanks for posting that Creeping Sharia site. The more info out there the better.

Christopher Logan said...

Thanx a lott,
You are very welcome.

Abrahim's_brother said...

As a member of the ummah I have to say that shariat is not that bad....provided you belong to the ummah!

Holy law cannot be has been given to us (all) by Allah SWT...that he is SO merciful to us all spins my head just thinking about it.

If all the seas of this duniya were to change to ink...this would not be enough to write about the superlatives of Allah SWT.

IMHO...shariat is inevitable ...this is a given over the next 40 years...everywhere.

Sure things will change to have an Islamic bias...but you are starting to see that now...halal coke, halal banking...halal meat (muslims make some of the best butchers going)...there is a bit just need to adjust.

If you feel discriminated against...hey simply recite the shahada and joinn the's a free world!

Right Truth said...

You know I've said it before. They take these jobs knowing they are going to sue for discrimination because of their religion. It's part of their plan.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Christopher Logan said...


It is not a free world living as non-Muslim under Sharia. But of course you have no concerns for non-Muslims at all do you?

We will not submit.

Anonymous said...

Abrahim's Brother.
You write the agenda of the Muslim world, however the west will not live in submission on it's knees.
The Muslim world is now coming out into the open at last, this is a wake up call.


Anonymous said...

"muslims make some of the best butchers going"

I agree. they are the butchers of .... men.

Anonymous said...

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