Sunday, June 15, 2008

Here is a Muslim Girl we can all Love

Najuood is her name and this brave young lady strolled into a Yemeni Court all by herself to seek a divorce. She is just a child of ten years old, who was given away by her family, to marry a Muslim who is in his thirties. This lowlife beat her and forced sex upon her. Instead of becoming a shell of a person, and taking a lifetime of abuse. She found the strength to fight back and she did it with in the law. She now has opened the door for other young ladies whose Muslim families have forced a life of pain on their daughters. I believe this is one of the biggest fears of Muslim men. That the women finally revolt. Can you imagine if millions of Muslim women in the Middle East would stand up and say enough is enough!! No more abuse, no more of this four wives nonsense. It is just me and only me and you will show me respect. Islam would implode. I know it is Father's Day. But her father deserves nothing but a lifetime in jail. As for her, let's all say a prayer. That she does not get shunned and abused by the community she lives in. God bless this little girl.

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Bos'un said...

Thanks for the post. I cross posted it to my weblogs and also put it up at Hannity Forum. Great job. Keep us informed........ Respectfully, Bosun

Anonymous said...

Dont blame the pedophile 30 year old husband. He was just following the example of his prophet, Muhammad (Damn him). After all Muhammad (Damn him) was 52 when he took 9 year old Aisha's virginity. Pedophilia has a long and glorious history within Islam and it started with Allah's prophet Muhammad (Damn him).

victoria said...

The forced marriage is illegal to Islam. It is indeed a cultural formation.

I read the sunnah of Muslim based on their Prophet's actions and sayings. In term of marriage and contract, all women are requested to give their permission to their parent to conduct the marriage. And if the women disagree to marry and if their parent/family continue the process, the contract is considered as void. And she could take legal action toward their own family.

There was one occasion when a woman was forced to marry and she complained to the Prophet Muhammad of her unwillingness. As the result the prophet cancel the marriage.

I think all marriage in the name of religion no matter what the religion is must be based on trust, respect to women and willingness.

worth reading indeed.

Exposing Islam said...

Thanks for the info Victoria. The problem is that their culture, religion and politics are all intertwined.

miles said...

Yes I Read this a wile back she is a brave little girl. she is living with family now a uncle she is safe but I wounder will she still belong to the musslime faith? it is sad but true she most likely will!

Anonymous said...

When I lived in a Moslim country, I witnessed, people getting married, to the person who their family had picked out for them.
How can people follow this religeon (cult) who talks about so much violence.
He himself should have been killed after killing so many himself and the order of thousands more to be killed. And it is still going on. I do not understand that rational, educated people still follow this garbage.

Anonymous said...

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